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For men, cosmetic treatments may not be a talking point, but many are considering it.

In today’s image conscious society there is a growing trend for men to seek more invasive grooming techniques rather than just a new haircut or face cream. Bro-tox (Male Botox) is a popular treatment that men are seeking to get over their body hang-ups, and arguably they are late jumping on the band-wagon.

April 2012 celebrates 10 years of Botox. It’s been 10 years since the US Food and Drug Administration licensed botulinum toxin for use in the cosmetic industry. When you think of the impact it has made on how men and women changed their feelings about ageing, a decade almost doesn’t seem long enough from the birth of Botox. Before then, only undergoing the knife was an option so understandably there were considerably fewer people going for it. From 2010 to 2011 the male cosmetic market saw a rise of 5.6% according to BAAPS. Nowadays, men account for 10% of popular cosmetic treatment.

Looking at the past decade Botox has come a long way and has come under scrutiny by many. A popular belief that still exists is that Botox is the ‘freeze frame injection’ to smooth out lines and paralyse your muscles so that a ‘poker face’ is achieved. Contrary to belief, Botox these days takes a less is more approach, and from the Doctor injecting to the product itself, a more natural look is achieved. Movement in your face is present but the lines simply are not. For this reason many get away with ageing flawlessly nowadays, men and women alike.

Botox is, acceptable. Whether man or women, both want to turn back the signs of ageing and avoid a worn down look. It’s totally down to the individual whether they decide to say yes or no, but it is a miracle tool that should be embraced and celebrated (when in the right hands).

Here’s to 10 years of Botox and may it be blessed with many more!

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