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Breast Augmentation: Breast Implants Recovery Period

Patients often ask, “Will breast implants hurt?” It’s an important question and make sure you get a full answer when you ask. It’s surgery so there is going to be a degree of pain and discomfort for everyone. We can’t say how much it will hurt because each body is remarkably different and some people have a higher tolerance for discomfort. The good news is that most women who undergo breast enlargement with implants are happy with the results. 84.5% of respondents to one widely-cited survey said implants were worth it. A quick google search can reveal just how many women are happy with their decision. From our experience, most patients report entirely manageable discomfort levels. As a medical cosmetic clinic, we can provide you with prescription medications to help manage any discomfort so there’s often little to worry about at The Private Clinic. Find out a little more about the most popular cosmetic surgery procedure of last year and its recovery period by reading on.

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Every patient should do some research and do so extensively. It’s an elective procedure, meaning you choose to have it done. It’s important that you don’t come to regret your choice. Choosing a good surgeon and clinic should be your first priority. At a good clinic they won’t shy away from telling you about the recovery period and the discomfort involved. At a good clinic you will know everything about the procedure, not just the nicest bits.

Is a Hospital Visit Necessary?

While we perform some of our body contouring procedures in our purpose-built surgery in London, for breast augmentation with implants we use hospitals to ensure the highest and most appropriate standards are met . Breast Augmentation with Implants can be conducted under general anaesthetic or under deep sedation (think of it as the stage before general anaesthetic). General anaesthetic is avoided where possible as it helps to improve the recovery time and limit the potential risks of the surgery. You will be able to discuss with your plastic surgeon the pros and cons of the sedation methods and what will happen in the hospital. Patients are often now day case patients, meaning you don’t have to stay overnight. You can return home to recover, which many patients prefer. If you would prefer you can always stay in a local hotel, which often offer special medical discounts.

What Happens after Surgery?

You will return home with surgical dressing/surgical bra. The body’s natural response to surgery is often swelling. It’s entirely expected and may take a month to go. There may be some bruising and numbness. This typically goes quite quickly as well. You can help your recovery by following some general health guidelines as well, like healthy eating. Avoid smoking is also something you will need to understand. Smoking has a lot of negative effects on a recovering body and should be avoided in the run up to the operation as well.

If you are concerned about the level of pain, you can always contact us. We will provide you with prescription pain medication to help you recover. This is usually enough for most patients. It is common to experience a tightness around the chest and you may notice an effect on your breathing – which is why it’s important to fully rest and allow your body to adjust. It is advisable to avoid using your arms and chest as much as possible. Consider asking a friend or family member to help you in the initial stages with common household tasks. Additionally lying in a semi-upright position can help reduce swelling immediately after your procedure.

  • 1 week off work is necessary. Please be aware you may need to take slightly longer off work.
  • For a month after you should avoid exercise or heavy lifting. Sweating also poses an infection risk.
  • The incision sites should not get wet for one week after the procedure
  • Sleeping face down is often not comfortable but it should not be practiced until 1 month post-surgery
  • Incision sites need to be protected from direct sunlight for a year after surgery

Going Abroad for Plastic Surgery

It’s not advisable to go abroad for surgery to cut costs. Legal systems and language barriers can mean that if something does go wrong it can cost a lot to get any compensation or the help you need. Stories abound in the news of people who regret their decision to go for cheap surgery abroad. Please don’t put yourself in any unnecessary danger when it comes to your body. It is important to note that there are many excellent clinics around the world offering great service but these come at a cost.

Know Your Aftercare

Make sure you ask your clinic all about the aftercare. It’s an important part of the procedure. Standards vary considerably and worryingly across the industry. Don’t get caught out.

The Private Clinic

The Private Clinic of Harley Street has 8 clinics across the UK. We have over 30 years of cosmetic medical experience. We put our patients first and safety is paramount. Find out how here:  https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/plastic-surgery/breast-augmentation-implants

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