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Are Women Snoring More? The Causes and Solutions to Snoring Explored

It is thought that snoring affects around 3.5 million people in the UK. With obesity rates stubbornly high and rising, as well as the influence alcohol intake and smoking has over snoring, we are seeing more and more women coming to our clinics to tackle their snoring once and for all. How much this can be attributed to the causal factors or just rising awareness is a hot topic for discussion in the industry. We share our experience of treating patients to discuss if more women are snoring or not.


Are more women snoring?

It’s not something a survey can answer. As obesity rates continue to rise and extra weight has an influence over snoring for lots of people, it is not unexpected that people are linking it with recent reports that more women are coming to clinics to stop their snoring. However, we must always be careful in making associations between potential causes and effects. More women are coming to The Private Clinic (fifteen times as many appointments for women in their twenties and thirties were made in 2012, as in 2010) but the reasons behind it are not fully explainable. Our Dr. Myles Black partly attributes this rise in women becoming more aware of treatments and frustration at over the counter methods that don’t offer comfortable, long-term results.

As a recent survey from the Travelodge revealed, snoring is the second biggest cause of arguments for couples, after fidgeting. Such a result is just one indication of what we experience with our patients. Many come to the consultation with their partner, as it very much a procedure that benefits sleeping partners. There are a number of over the counter options available but many patients report that these haven’t offered the long-term and hassle-free solution they need. A trip to your GP is the best first move to make, as they deal with your health in general over the long term. From there, consider looking into calling us or booking a consultation to get to grips with the details of our snoring treatments, like time taken from consultation to procedure, for example.

What causes snoring?

Obesity, sedatives, smoking and alcohol are some of the main factors involved that put you at increased risk of snoring. In themselves they do not result in snoring, as snoring is caused by vibrations of the soft tissue in your head and neck. While we are asleep, our airways narrow and relax, affecting the air pressure – resulting in the vibration of the soft tissue in snorers that can have an impact on the quality of your health and relationships.

What causes snoring

Snoring treatments will depend on how you snore. Your snoring could be the result of vibration of the nasal passages, soft palate, base of your tongue, tonsils or uvula. A full consultation will help to determine how we could help and to better understand how you snore and why.

The Private Clinic

It’s not easy to work out if more women are snoring but it’s certainly interesting to think about it and why more and more people are seeking treatments from our leading medical team. We have lots more information available on our website and on the rest of the blog about snoring and how we could help: https://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/treatments/snoring/

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