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Male cosmetic procedures are on the rise

The world of male ‘surgery’ is on the rise and the fastest growing is male breast surgery – often referred to as ‘man boobs’ or in its official form, Gynaecomastia.

For our clinics in London and Manchester alone, we have seen an increase in male procedures which now accounts for 30% of the procedures performed. Vaser lipo for man boobs being the main reason. It is evident that men are feeling the pressure to look good and since the rise in men’s magazines, advertising campaigns for men’s cosmetics and many celebrities backing these, they are realising that there are things on the market to better their ‘flaws’.

Furthermore having a cosmetic procedure is no longer considered ‘taboo’ by the average man. Following multiple reports that Tom Cruise may have had Lipo ahead of filming the latest installment of the Mission Impossible franchise, the Florida-based news service has disclosed that more American men have turned to body-sculpting cosmetic surgery in the past decade in a bid to emulate their Hollywood idols, boost their self esteem and to give them a supposed ‘edge’ in a competitive job market thought to favour youthful and confident individuals. However, it is important to highlight that it is not always just a case of vanity.

In the case of Gynaecomastia, patients often have a very low self esteem and the condition has deeply affected the way they dress and live their lives. A feeling of dread is common when undressing and the fear of going to the beach without a top on is a no go. The difference is that if men in the past hid in a sense of vulnerability, now more and more men realise that they can actually get something done about it to gain back their confidence and dignity. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) revealed that 2009 saw an increase of 80 per cent of British men turning to male chest reduction surgery in order to shake off the social embarrassment of having ‘moobs’.

Only recently a patient, aged 50, sent us the nicest email following a procedure to reduce his chest. His words resemble those of many of our patients. “My only regret is that I suffered unnecessarily for 30 years. I have now purchased new t-shirts and wearing them without a baggy jumper is a joy”. Feedback like this and the chance to have bettered somebody’s life is just amazing!

Since awareness is rising, men should also know that a surgical option is not the only option out there. Minimally invasive procedures are proven to deliver excellent results, without the downtime, risk of general anaesthetic or social inconvenience. VASER Lipo is the latest technology to remove fat from your chest. It is far less invasive than traditional liposuction and is performed under local anaesthetic.

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