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Happy 10th Birthday to the BACD

The British Association of Cosmetic Doctors celebrated a decade of promoting consumer safety in a cosmetic medicine lavish party thrown in soho.

Setup in 2001 the aim of this organisation is to  facilitate the advancement of safe and ethical cosmetic medicine for the benefit of medical practitioners and members of the public.

BACD Chairman, and Medical Director of The Private Clinic says. “There is a lot of publicity around aesthetics so it is very easy to forget that it is a branch of medicine and there are medical complications and medical knowledge and expertise is required, so I am very proud that we have helped to establish cosmetic medicine as a respected part of medical establishment.”

A key development for the BACD over the past decade has been to raise awareness of non-surgical treatments available today and the importance of going to a qualified, experienced medical professional. There are too many horror stories about botched treatments due to under experienced ‘medical professional’s’ over-selling what he or she can achieve. The BACD have highlighted the dangers and stressed the importance of one doing their research before undergoing any treatment and to research the clinic as well as the practitioners medical background and experience.

Over the years the BACD members have been in front of the public and the media to educate them of those medical professionals that are sound, highly qualified and experienced in their field. We welcome all the information they have to give us and all the experience they have to share with us. They have acheived a media shift of showing what is good in the non-surgical cosmetic market and what is trusted, rather than the botched jobs that have aired on TV.

Happy 10th Birthday to the BACD!

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