10 Things You Didn't Know About Snoring

Female First - 24th April 2013

It keps us up and stops us from sleeping next to our partners - but why do we really snore?

It's National Stop Snoring week, so The Private Clinic's ENT Consultant and Snoring Expert provides us with some useful facts to help stop those dreaded snores. Read more >







Britain's bedrooms are getting noisier because of Women snorers!

Daily Mail - 3rd April 2013

Women snorers Daily Mail

Here at The Private Clinic, our ENT surgeons are treating and increasing number of women patients who snore! This rise in female snorers is caused by weight gain, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Read what our experts had to say. Read more >








Are You Tired of Snoring?

The Sun - 25th April 2013

Our Snoring expert says the rise could be linked to weight, drinking and smoking. Here he gives Matthew Barbour his verdict on over-the-counter remedies with scores out of 5.  Read more >










Snoring nearly killed romance for East Lancashire couple

Lancashire Telegraph - 16th January 2013

Snoring nearly killed the romance for East Lancashire couple. Find out more about how The Private Clinic treated Neville’s snoring.

Read more >












No woman wants to snore - especially when it's due to fat nostrils!

For Daisy Bickford, bedtime used to mean a strict sequence of events.

‘I would have to make sure my boyfriend Chris fell asleep before me, otherwise I’d keep him awake half the night with my snoring,’ says the 28-year-old accountant. Read more >

Source: Daily Mail - 28th May 2012










Is that a jumbo jet? Oh, it's just your snoring!

Mail on Sunday - 20th March 2010

Jonathan’s snoring sounded like a jumbo jet: Weathergirl Sian Lloyd has suffered from sleepless nights for all the wrong reasons. Read more >














Snoring: Can it really be cured?

Metro - 19th January 2010

Can a £3 jab really cure a snoring problem or is surgery the way forward? We take a look at the latest methods of treating this widespread health concern. Read more >