Mutya Buena: 'I keep my implants in a jar!'

With her big boobs, controversial bum implants and 30 tattoos, singer Mutya Buena is as famous for her looks as she is for her music. But after spending years modifying her body, the 28-year-old former Sugababe has now had her bust reduced. She had her 36E implants removed in November, dropping to a 36DD.

Mutya says: 'Having the implants out had been a long time coming and now I feel like a weight's been lifted - from my boobs as well as my mind. I can finally wear all those tight dresses I could never put on before because I worried about how huge my boobs looked. I'm much more confident.'

Mutya booked her reduction last November at The Private Clinic of Harley Street with Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, Mr Davood Fallahdar. 

'I was in hospital for one day and night and then it was done. It was a bit painful but I didn't really notice because my first boob job hurt so much. Having the reduction is the best thing I've ever done.'

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