Ex-Rangers player after EVLA transforms varicose vein legs

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Ex-Rangers player returns to pitch after laser therapy transforms varicose vein legs.

A FORMER Rangers player has told how he covered up his
legs for 20 years because he was so embarrassed about
his varicose veins. Justin Wingate, 43, has now returned to the game after a revolutionary operation.

The centre forward played alongside Steven Pressley, Gary McSwegan and Sandy Robertson at Rangers – but just as he was about to break into the first team, he picked up an injury. Justin said: “My shinbone came through my kneecap and ended my career.”The dad of two believes the reconstructive surgery he needed led to him developing varicose veins. He said: “By the time I was 25, I had the legs of a 70-year-old. It became a big issue for me in relation to my confidence.” If he did venture on a pitch, he’d wear long shorts and pull up his socks to his knees to hide his legs. Justin said: “By the time I was in my 30s, they got really painful too.”

A phobia of needles meant he shied away from traditional, surgical methods of vein stripping. But then  he heard about a new minimally invasive treatment delivered under local anaesthetic. Justin had the endovenous laser ablation therapy at The Private Clinic in Glasgow. He said: “I felt zero pain. I was a bit bruised and stiff for a couple of days but I was mobile.” Eight months on, the IT worker is playing for amateur side Glasgow Hoppers and is no longer in pain. He said: “I can’t believe the difference it’s made – and it took no longer than a filling at the dentist.”

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A FAMILY man who was too ashamed to show his bare legs because of severe varicose veins has undergone a procedure to remove them.
Rob Crowley, 35, suffered with varicose veins so badly they covered his legs from top to bottom and left him in agonising pain.
Despite being an avid swimmer, he was too self conscious to swim at his local pool.
The Wolverhampton resident, who is a butcher by profession, is often required to stand for long periods of time each day – something which made each and every working day incredibly painful for him.
Speaking about the condition, Rob said: “Whenever I was standing up for a prolonged period of time, my legs would throb which was extremely painful and as you can imagine.
“Being a butcher, I was on my feet for the majority of the day so this was a huge problem for me.”
But it wasn’t just physical pain getting to Rob, he was also suffering from mean taunting and teasing.
On the rare occasion he did show his legs, children would point at them and make comments.
He revealed: “The veins on my legs would make me really self-conscious, especially in the summer. When I was on holiday with my family I would buy really long shorts in order to cover them up. If children did see them, they would point.”
Several years ago, Rob opted to undergo a surgical procedure on the NHS in an effort to remove his veins.
But it wasn’t successful and Rob’s varicose veins returned – more prominent and painful than ever before.
“The pain afterwards was horrendous. But I was then told that the NHS would not fund any further treatment so I looked into private alternatives.
“All the reviews and information I found online pointed me in the direction of The Private Clinic.”
Rob took charge of his health and organised a meeting with Mr Rajiv Kumar Vohra, a Consultant Vascular Surgeon at The Private Clinic in Birmingham.
Mr Vohra advised Rob that a minimally invasive method of varicose veins removal, known as Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy (EVLA), would be the best option for him.
The treatment works by inserting a very fine probe into the patient’s leg and delivering laser energy to seal faulty veins, preventing blood from flowing through them. The procedure not only removes the appearance of varicose veins but it also removes the discomfort caused by their presence.
After a couple of weeks of wearing compression garments, Rob was able to appreciate the full results of the treatment. His veins had disappeared and his self confidence had been restored.
He explained: “I couldn’t be happier with the results. Before I would avoid going swimming, which is something I love to do; now I go three times a week!”

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