Ruth Weeks, from Godalming, Surrey, has had facial hair since she was a teen…

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Facial hair ruined my teenage years because I was embarrassed about it, I hid my face with my hair hoping no one could see. I tried bleaching it, but would get a rash, and had electrolysis, too, but my hair would always grow back.

It knocked my confidence with men because I felt so unfeminine. However, when I met with my partner he thankfully didn’t seem to notice, although I was still very aware of it.

I learned to live with it, but then it got worse with the menopause, I even developed hair on my chin, which was the last straw, I was losing confidence even with my friends and family.

I decided to try a new laser treatment that destroys the hair follicle. It cost £100 a session, but the results are supposed to be permanent. I’ve had six treatments and now I am completely hair-free.

For the first time in years I’ve been able to wear lipstick. I feel like a new woman and much more confident about myself.

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