Does IPL Work on Sun Damaged Skin?

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“Summer is over..sob! And even though i religiously slathered on the spf and shrouded myself from the mid-day sun, I have still noticed significant sun damage on my chest area. The result is unslightly blemishes, broken capillaries and fine lines which have left me feeling self conscious and very glad that turtle necks are on trend for winter!

“So it is with extreme excitement and a little trepidation that i hotfoot it to The Private Clinic on London’s Harley street for a course of IPL (Intense Pulsating Light therapy) which promises to re-new skin, blitz spider veins, improve wrinkles and  reverse sun damage with little pain and no down time. Sounds like a miracle cure to me!

The actual process of IPL feels like elastic bands being snapped on my skin and although bareable it is quite painful and i’m glad of the cold compress, Rachel my laser practitioner, applies straight afterwards to sooth the stinging. Still the whole process is over very quickly and apart from my chest feeling quite hot (as if sun burned, ironically) there are no major issues and my skin does cool down pretty quickly.

Over the next few days my skin looks horrendous, the blemishes darken, my skin looks mottled and bright bright  red and I must say i’m very glad it’s winter and i can stay covered up! However a week later miraculously this all disappears leaving clear baby fresh skin that looks like it’s never seen a ray of sun in it’s life!

Four more sessions later and the improvement is incredible, i am delighted with the results. Although as we all know, there’s no substitute for staying out of the sun, if you DO have sun damage and blemishes that you want to get rid of, this is the therapy for you. Make sure you have it during the winter months so you can protect the area from sun and hide the results while you’re healing.”

IPL starts from £200 – for details contact

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