6 Questions to Ask Before Getting Lip Fillers

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Ever get the feeling that every time you go on Instagram, someone is flaunting a newly plumped pout back at you? It’s not surprising. Lip fillers are everywhere at the moment. And looking at the work of Kylie Jenner’s expert medical team, it’s hard not to be tempted to get in on the action.

But getting lip fillers is a big decision. And unfortunately, it’s a side of the beauty industry that is completely unregulated. At the moment, there is no law that says only medical professionals are allowed to inject filler, and there are plenty of cowboys hoping to take advantage of the trend for buxom, kissable lips.

And we can pretty much guarantee that women who get fillers have no idea what exactly is being injected into them.

So, if you’re a filler virgin looking to get the treatment for the first time, ask yourself these six important questions first…


Although you may not know the difference between the brands, it could be worth asking to see the bottle, “so you can be sure,” says Dr Dennis Wolf, cosmetic surgeon at The Private Clinic of Harley Street.


Like any medical procedure, having lip fillers comes with some risks. “Side effects can range from infection, bleeding, bruising and asymmetry of the lips, to lumps, granulomas (lumps of tissue), skin necrosis (death of the skin tissue), and blindness,” explains Dr Wolf.

Be sure to have a thorough consultation with your practitioner before you actually have the treatment. It’s at this stage your practitioner will explain the possible side effects, and Dr Wolf says that a good one “will be honest with you about all the risks involved during your consultation”.


This is a very important one. Prices for lip fillers will vary around the country and from clinic to clinic, depending on the expertise of the doctor and the type and amount of product used. Dr Wolf says you could pay anything from around £200 upwards for lip fillers.

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