This is why everyone thinks Taylor Swift has had a boob job

The Metro

The interest came after new snaps of the singer, while out at a Selena Gomez gig with new love Tom Hiddleston, appear to show her with a fuller bust.

Now people are suggesting the willowy pop star might have gone under the knife – but could the different shape just down to Taylor’s clothing or bra?

After she met some fans in Nashville recently, the resulting pics have been posted on Twitter and people have wasted no time in declaring they show Taylor looking curvy.


Here’s what plastic surgeon Adrian Richards of The Private Clinic told us…

‘If we look back at pictures of Taylor from 2012, she seems to have a flatter chest. In these recent photos, her breasts appear more defined and larger. I would suggest that she has had breast implants.

‘The implants appear to be fairly moderately sized and tear drop shaped. We tend to call these “low profile implants’”, because of how the implants sit and how far they come out. Low profile implants like these look natural and are slightly flatter… it’s possible to have implants which sit much further out and are taller.

‘Taylor has a ‘gazelle’ like shape – she is tall and lean. So for her, lower profile implants are more appropriate because they offer a more natural looking breast lift and enhancement, which suits her.’

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