The mini boob job boom

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THERE are always rumours about which stars have gone under the knife, with very few actually open about having plastic surgery.

Well it could soon be even trickier to spot who’s had a little nip tuck and who’s au naturel, because the latest trend is for barely-there procedures.

That’s right, the super-boosted busts made famous by the likes of Katie Price in her Jordan days are becoming a thing of the past, with stars now much more likely to opt form something subtler.

Apparently, massive implants are now a no-no and instead the A-list are choosing to grow their boobs by just a cup size or so.

In some cases, it’s just the shape they want to change and small implants will allow things to look a little rounder.

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Adrian Richards works at the Aurora Clinics, part of The Private Clinic Group, and has confirmed this is a growing trend.

He told FEMAIL: “People now are having much smaller breast enlargements, moving away from the trend for very big implants.

“’We see this in the clinic and there’s a trend for the more natural look.

“We’ve analysed our data and in the last two years the average size of implant people go for has reduced by 30cc.”

Although that sounds like a lot, it’s actually only one eighth of a cup size.

That said, the trend is still for smaller implants than have been fashionable over the last few years.

Adrian added: “People are looking for a more natural appearance.

“They’ve realised that as they get older they don’t want to look matronly with bigger breasts.

“They can dress up or down and it’s more flexible, whereas if they’re too big there’s only one option.”

As well as the size of implant, shape and placement is important.

Teardrop ones tend to look the most natural, as do ones which are placed lower in the chest.

This stops them sticking out so much, which is what gives the ‘fake’ look which was once so fashionable.

There is also the option to have them placed under the muscle, which gives a more natural look.

Adrian explains this as the difference between and implant with a sheet over it and one covered with a duvet – the second version would obviously look softer.

Still not convinced? Some celebrities are ditching implants all together and going for fat transfer injections instead.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – you have fat sucked out of one area and use it to plump up your breast, leaving them looking fuller but more natural.

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