Boob job Brits to hit beaches

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The Daily Star

Daily Star Online can exclusively reveal women are opting for bigger breasts to hit the beach with this summer.

Almost half of Brits going under the knife this June are planning to enhance their boobs.

But the women braving plastic surgery are opting for just two or three cup sizes bigger.


Mr Adrian Richards, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Private Clinic, said: “Interestingly, the patients I see today are after far more subtle results.

“Most are interested in increasing by one or two cup sizes.

“They are rarely looking for size DD or larger.

“The overall trend in recent years has been to move towards subtle, natural enhancements.

It is incredibly important that the patient feels comfortable with the size of implant they have chosen.

“They want to feel natural and not as though they have changed their body so dramatically that it no longer feels like their own.”

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