VASER Lipo with Dr Dennis Wolf at The Private Clinic

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AG: How did you find Dr. Wolf?

Anna: I did a lot of research into the Vaser treatment and Dr. Wolf has had such great recommendations and reviews, I decided that I should book a consultation with him. Dr. Wolf is part of the Private Clinic on Harley street which I also had heard great things about. It was really important to me that I went to see someone who was experienced and Dr. Wolf has performed over 1,800 VASER Lipo procedures for The Private Clinic.

AG: How was the consultation?

A: Dr. Wolf made me feel completely at ease. He has a very calm demeanor and understood why I was unhappy with my body shape. I wanted my arms and back of my legs to look a little less flabby and I wanted to actually be able to tone them. Dr. Wolf understood and told me I was the perfect candidate for the Vaser Lipo procedure. Also, because I wasn’t having too much done, I didn’t even need to go under general anesthetic, so I could walk in, and walk-out on the same day. After chatting with him, I asked when the soonest he could do the surgery, and we booked a date right then and there.

AG: Tell me all about the procedure!

A: Dr. Wolf does his surgeries on Brompton Road in a beautiful space that looks more like a chic office, then a waiting room/operating room. The nurses greeted me and immediately made me feel at ease. Dr. Wolf sat down with me and went over some paperwork and then it was back to the operating room we went. We took a few photos and then the procedure began. Dr. Wolf numbed my areas with a quick and easy shot that just felt like a bee sting and then started putting in the solution to numb the area all over. That was the only part that was uncomfortable, once the areas went numb, it was a breeze. I couldn’t feel anything. Dr. Wolf told me that some patients even fall asleep during the treatment! I, however, was chatting to the nurses the entire time. The entire thing was only a few hours long.

AG: And how did you feel after? Could you go home right away?

A: Yes. The nurses put me in a full body suit and that was quite uncomfortable because it did restrict my movement at first. Because of the padding and swelling the garment is quite tight for the first day or two. But getting home the day of the procedure was fine, I just walked out to Brompton Road and hailed a cab.

AG: And what about the recovery time? Did your children notice?

A: I got in bed with them and watched TV for the day but they didn’t notice anything was wrong. I was a little slow-moving for about 2-3 days but not confined to bed or anything. You have to wear these compression garments on the areas for between 2-4 weeks to reduce swelling and to make sure everything heals evenly. That was the worst part, the compression garnet was really hot, but it was really easy to disguise under clothing. I was in the gym doing light yoga the next week. And definitely was doing school pick-up and running around town very soon after the surgery. There was bruising on the back of my legs and arms, but with arnica cream it went away in a few weeks. I was given pain pills, but I didn’t really need them.

AG: And the most important thing, how do you feel about your results? Would you recommend Dr. Wolf ’s procedure to other AG readers?

A: Yes yes yes! I am so happy with the shape of my arms and legs. Everything has changed. My jeans feel like they did before I had children, and I can wear sleeveless dresses and tanks all the time. My only regret is not having done the procedure sooner.

Alright ladies, there you have it. A first-account play-by-play of Vaser lipo with Dr. Dennis Wolf!*

*All images, videos and testimonials are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients and all photos and videos have been consented to and have not been altered in any way.

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