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The City worker had a revolutionary liposuction technique called Vaser Hi Def that took less than four hours.

Delighted Mayur, 29, said: “I’ve been for lunches that lasted longer than that.

EXTRA BALLAST: Mayur wasn’t ship shape

“Incredibly, I was awake and watched the surgeon sculpt my six-pack. You can’t get that sort of rapid result doing sit ups.

“When I went back into the office my friends couldn’t believe it. There were no scars and my waist has even shrunk from 32ins to 30ins.

“I hope it will make it easier for me to get a girlfriend.”

Mayur, of Shoreditch, east London, had “before” and “after” pictures taken the same day.

Surgeon Dennis Wolf, performed the £9,000 op at The Private Clinic in central London using techniques developed in Colombia. Five cuts are made in the nipples, chest and above the waist.

Then liposuction selectively removes fat surrounding specific muscle groups to reveal the natural six-pack.

Dr Wolf said: “It’s the cutting edge of lipo. It will be popular with people who already spend time at the gym without getting the definition they want.”


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