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2 weeks ago, I was approached by the The Private Clinic, a cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment clinic that can be found up and down the UK with it’s original location in Harley Street. They’d asked me if I, or someone I knew, had any interest in cosmetic treatments as they were looking for someone to undergo consultation, treatment and aftercare and then talk about their experience….

…..The second stage was to be invited to an event at The Private Clinic last Thursday where I could find out more about the group, their treatments and have a one-on-one appointment with surgeon, Mr Vasu Karri….

….The evening went by wonderfully as I then I had my appointment with Mr Karri – a meeting that would change the way I would think about myself forever to come and embarrassingly, burst into tears.

I was sat down with Mr Karri and Sorena Ali, the patient co-ordinator where I coyly explained what it was that bothered me. Firstly, I was met with deep understanding and sympathy but as many have done before, I was told it wasn’t that much of a problem, but they understood how much of a problem it was to me.

After some poking, squeezing, smoothing and prodding, Mr Karri returned to his seat to give me his diagnosis and recommendation.

I’d initially sought Microlipo or Vaser Laser Lipo, to remove all the fat and smooth out my neck.

Mr Karri told me that any form of treatment, from lipo to a facelift would almost certainly not give me any result. In fact any of those treatments would likely leave me with a weird fold of skin instead….

….With The Private Clinic, their surgeon consultations cost a max of around £150 and most are redeemable against treatment if they decide you need it. If I’d have known, I’d have paid that like a shot many years ago. The whole experience was totally geared around not giving me surgery that not only I don’t need, but that would show no results and damage the reputation of the business.

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