Wayne Rooney needs another hair transplant

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Yep, just two years after spending £15,000 on a hair transplant, as Wayne left the Liverpool Women’s Hospital (where wife Colleen this week gave birth to their second child, Klay) it was clear he was going to need a top up.

While some of the hair seemed to be going strong, the footballer looked a bit thin on top – now Dr Raghu Reddy (hair loss and restoration specialist at The Private Clinic on Harley Street) says it’s time to head back to the docs.

“Hair transplants are permanent,” he told us. “This means that while meticulously transplanted hair will continue to grow, the rest of the hair can keep getting weaker, revealing bald patches on the scalp. In short, while the hair which has been transplanted will grow, this does not remove the risk that hair from other areas will begin to thin or recede.

“It is therefore important that Wayne is aware that he might need to have more work done at a further stage. What Wayne can do to reduce this process of natural progression of hair loss, is to take a drug called Propecia, which will reduce the natural process of hair loss. I would be surprised if Wayne is not already taking this.”

The operation could set Wayne back between £8,000 and £10,000, but can be done as walk-in procedure under local anaesthetic.

Handy, as we imagine Colleen will be wanting him back to help with the nappies.

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