The ‘anti-balding diet’: Can you eat your way to thicker hair?

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Thinning on top has been linked to low self-esteem, anxiety and in some cases feelings of isolation and depression.

A recent study found over half of British men are willing to sacrifice a range of luxuries for a full head of hair, including a promotion and a supermodel wife.

One in ten men even admitted to losing sleep over the issue.

From products to procedures, there are a number of anti-balding treatments on the market. But what you put on your plate can also play a role in maintaining an enviable mane, according to experts.


The likes of vegetarian and vegan diets eliminate food groups including dairy, meat and fish. And according to Dr Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Private Clinic, this can be detrimental.

Dr told “These particular food groups provide the body with key vitamins and nutrients which contribute to the growth of healthy hair.

“Poor nutritional diet can also contribute to hair thinning and a scaly scalp. It is normal to lose around 100 hairs per day, however, it is often the case that vegans will lose more than this.” *

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