Prince Harry could be bald by the time he walks Meghan up the aisle

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Daily Star

Harry, 32, looks set to marry the girl of his dreams, with several Royal sources stating he is planning to propose to Meghan Markle.

But the prince could well walk down the aisle without one of his most prominent features – his striking red hair.



Hair transplant surgeon Dr believes Harry does not have much time left.

The Private Clinic of Harley Street doc told Daily Star Online: “Harry will definitely lose more hair – he is in his early 30s and his hair loss is in progress. He will continue to lose hair until at least age 50.”

It has been reported that Harry has turned to caviar oil in an attempt to preserve his hair for the big day.

But Dr believes he is fighting a losing battle.

She said: “Unfortunately the cause of both Prince Harry and Prince William’s hair loss is genetic, meaning that it is not reversible.

“By using products such as Minoxidil 5% and Finasteride or Saw Palmetto they can significantly slow the rhytm of their hair loss and in a way get it ‘under control’, which is important particularly when losing the hair at a young age.

“Moreover, a healthy and balanced diet contributes to the hair’s health, and I would also recommend they get some specific bloods done in order to exclude any underlying medical issue.”

It could also be bad news for young Prince George, as he is set to inherit a predominant bald gene.

Dr added: “Prince William and Prince Harry have a very strong gene of baldness as it runs not only on their dad’s side of the family, but also on their mother’s, so they are both definitely suffering from hereditary hair loss.

“Historically we have to mention that their dad Prince Charles, their grandfather Prince Philip and even Diana, Princess of Wales’s father had really thin hair so there is a strong family history.

“The main cause of their hair loss is genetic due to DHT, and they suffer from the androgenetic type of hair loss – the so-called male pattern baldness gene.”

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