Meghan Markle’s hair is hiding ‘big clue’ about the royal baby’s due date

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Since news broke in October that Meghan Markle was expecting her first child with Prince Harry,royal fans have been desperate to find out when the baby will be born.


This hasn’t stopped people from speculating about the Duchess of Sussex’s due date – with one beauty expert recently coming up with a way to work it out for ourselves.

Jane Mayhead, Senior Trichology Consultant at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, told that the clue is in Meghan’s hair.

She said: “In a number of recent images of Meghan, her hair certainly appears much fuller than before the pregnancy and it’s possible that this is due to changing hormone levels.

“The increased levels of hormones during pregnancy can cause the growth cycle of the hair to increase, meaning the hair is less frequently renewed and replaced at the site of the follicle and women will experience thicker and shinier hair.”

Jane continued that many pregnant women find their hair becomes more voluminous two thirds of the way through their pregnancy.

“I tend to find that most women will experience some level of increased volume by around the six month mark.”

If she is correct about this, then it means Meghan could have her baby in late February or early March.

This will be earlier than thought, as many have speculated the baby will be born in April.

However pregnancy may not be the only thing having an impact on Meghan’s hair – she may have changed her hair care routine to protect her baby.

She added: “There are, of course, other possibilities to consider. It is highly likely that Meghan may also be avoiding putting harsh chemicals in her hair.”

Moreover she could have changed her diet to include an intake of folic acid, which is particularly good for hair growth.

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