Naomi Campbell’s Hair Loss Horror

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This week, Naomi Campbell was papped sporting huge bald patches. We’ve spoken to the experts to find out more about the supermodel’s follicular faux pas….

It’s thought that Naomi is suffering from what experts refer to as traction alopecia – hair loss caused by pulling of the hair. This can happen when the weight of hair extensions causes the natural hair to break, and usually occurs at the hairline, where hair is weaker.

It can take around three months for the hair to grow back, but if there’s further wear and tear caused by continued use of extensions, the hair will often stop growing back altogether. It appears this is what’s happened in Naomi’s case.

“Naomi’s hair loss seems to be largely due to the use of hair extensions over a very long period of time,” points out hair loss expert Dr Raghu Reddy, who’s based at Harley Street’s Private Clinic. “This has put a lot of traction on Naomi’s existing hair. The extensions have also starved Naomi’s own hair of vital nutrients, due to the glue which is likely to have been applied to the roots. The overall result of all of this is the gradual thinning of the hair, causing permanent hair loss over time.”

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