Is Kim Kardashian going bald?

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First things first – Kim Kardashian has been looking sensational recently. From amazing clothes, to glossy gorgeous hair all placed on a banging hot body, Kim’s not put a foot wrong.

This is why we were a bit fascinated by this pic of Kim, caught in a rare off-fashion moment, coming out of a salon in LA, with what appears to be thinning hair – so fine in fact, that you can see her extensions underneath.

WHAT IS GOING ON IS KIM GOING BALD? Is a reaction we had in the office, so we decided to ask a specialist, Dr hair transplant specialist at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, who told us that Kim’s hair is thinning – and that she needs to take action soon, or it’ll just get worse.

In fact, if she doesn’t get treatment soon, she could lose her permanently and need a HAIR TRANSPLANT. Like Wayne Rooney, like Wayne Rooney.

“From looking at these pictures it certainly seems as if Kim’s hair is thinning,” Dr told us. “This is a fairly common side effect of the prolonged wearing of a weave, extensions or tight braids. This is because they put a lot of traction and pressure on the existing hair on the head, and the glue, which is often applied to the roots, starves the hair of vital nutrients. Both of these factors can cause gradual thinning as the hair is weighed down and weakened, and eventually breaks off.

“In most cases, the problem will continue to get worse until the extensions or braids are taken out. The condition is known as traction alopecia.”

So what should Kim do? WHAT SHOULD SHE DO?? “If the issue is caught at an early enough stage and the weave is removed, then the hair is likely to grow back, although this may take several months,” the doctor told us.

“It is very important to treat our hair with respect, and to see an expert as soon as the first signs of traction alopecia-thinning or hair loss appear.”

You heard the woman Kim, you heard the woman.

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