The gym might work wonders for your body but it’s ruining your hair

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We spoke to Dr Hair Transplant Surgeon at The Private Clinic of Harley Street, to find out just how your exercise routine can be damaging your hair. If you’re one of the aforementioned who are guilty of choosing brunching over bathing, you should be all ears.


But I use dry shampoo, isn’t that the same thing?

“Dry shampoo may be marketed as a lifesaver for women on the go but it can actually be quite harmful to the scalp and hair in the long-term. These products soak up excess oil, giving the impression of freshly-washed tresses yet offer none of the cleansing benefits of using genuine shampoo. As a result, pores on the scalp will remain blocked and the skin cannot breathe properly which can, in turn, lead to irritated and flaky skin.”

​Dr advises using dry shampoo as an occasional touch-up you can get away with but prolonged use will impact the hair and scalp negatively – so use sparingly!

The top knot is ‘knot’ the answer!

Although pulling your hair into a tight bun post-gym can be convenient, keeping your hair tied tight is Dr biggest ‘no no’ as it can actively promote hair loss. She recommends washing your hair after each workout instead to ensure the pores are unclogged and your skin can breathe, allowing the scalp to remain healthy.

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