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The Plastic Wives. There is no law preventing Britain’s estimated 600 cosmetic surgeons from operating on loved ones although the General Medical Council advises doctors and surgeons to avoid giving medical care to anyone with whom they have a close relationship.“Provided they are not solely  responsible for the care of a patient after surgery then this fits within our guidelines,” says a GMC spokesperson.

GP Dr Prerna Mittal, 33, is married to Dr Puneet Gupta, 35, who practises at The Private Clinic on Harley Street.

“I can’t deny my belief that every woman should be married to a  cosmetic surgeon because of all the treatments that become available to you,” says Prerna, who lives in Reading with Puneet and their two-year-old daughter Rhea.

Her husband has performed laser treatment for her stomach stretch marks and put fillers in her lips. “But being a GP, I’m cautious about invasive surgery and don’t believe it would be ethical to recommend it to my patients unless there was something causing huge problems to their confidence such as a large nose or flat chest. Surgery isn’t to be taken lightly, especially not for cosmetic reasons. Then again, a friend had a facelift and I’m so impressed with the results it’s made me a little more open minded.”

Prerna has always looked after her appearance. “I used to have regular facials at a beauty salon but stopped as soon as Puneet became a cosmetic doctor because I was secretly thrilled at all the procedures I might be able to have.

“Last August I had fillers injected in my lips after he told me about the procedure and how amazing the results were. Next I’m going to have a treatment to get rid of thread veins in my legs. I haven’t succumbed to Botox yet but if I feel I need it in a few years, I’ll be asking Puneet. If when she’s grown up our little girl says she wants Botox, I won’t mind. I’ve already thought that if she gets any scars we’ll just get her daddy to fix them.”

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