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This Thursday (17th January), we are delighted to welcome world-renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Alberto Di Giuseppe, to our Twitter feed as part of a Live Q&A session.
Dr Di Giuseppe
Dr. Di Giuseppe will be taking over our Twitter account (@privateclinic) to answer all of your questions relating to Liposuction and Fat Transfer techniques, as well as any general Plastic Surgery questions.
To date, Dr. Di Giuseppe has performed over 6,000 Liposculpture procedures and over 900 Breast Augmentations procedures. He has led the field in Liposuction techniques and has helped to develop the newest treatments to enhance breast shape and size using Fat Transfer, also known as Fat Grafting.
Dr. Di Giuseppe pioneered the unique 360° Legs treatment which is now available in the UK at The Private Clinic. This tridimensional leg shaping treatment uses advanced leg liposuction techniques to allow the doctor to reduce the subcutaneous fat of the thighs in areas previously considered to be risky with traditional liposuction.
Dr. Di Giuseppe has recently appeared in the Mail Online, having performed what we call an ‘Organic Facelift’ on 57 year old, Rosetta Citton, which saw fat being harvested from Rosetta’s thighs via VASER liposuction and re-injected into her face as a natural volume-enhancing filler.
Dr. Di Giuseppe commented on the procedure:
‘Demand for the ‘Organic Facelift’ has risen by more than 30% in the past year. As we age, we naturally lose fat from our faces, so it’s perfect to plump things back up again. Women may think they need a surgical facelift, but simply replacing lost fat can easily restore a youthful look. Stem cells found in fat rejuvenate the skin, making it thicker, smoother and brighter – like young skin.’
You can find out more about the procedure here.
Dr. Di Giuseppe will be taking over the @privateclinic Twitter feed from 3pm for one hour only, so make sure that you set your reminders to avoid disappointment.
You can send in your questions ahead of the session, by commenting in the comment section underneath this blog post, on our Facebook page here or send it in via Twitter by including #TPCPlasticSurgery to your tweet.