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Prince Harry’s Hair Loss – Is It Time for a Hair Transplant for Prince William and His Brother?

Prince Harry used to joke about Prince William’s hair loss but now the joke is set to come back at him as he is spotted out with a spot of hair loss, it seems.

There’s only two years between the siblings but a lot of difference already with their hair loss. Harry has been joking that William has been going bald since the age of 12 but fortunately there are things he could do to halt further balding and take back control with a hair transplant. It is important to use the latest techniques and choose an experienced hair transplant surgeon, if you want long-lasting and natural-looking results. It is also important to understand why you are balding so that you can do all that you can, comfortably and reliably, to halt the progression as much as possible, even with the use of FDA medication. If you do opt for hair loss meds, always make sure that you follow the guidance of a hair loss expert.

Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness affects most men by the age of 50 and 28 year old Prince Harry looks set to be no different. DHT is to blame for male pattern baldness – something we explored recently in a blog post you can see by clicking on this link – DHT. Unfortunately DHT is an essential part of growing up as it is an androgen hormone – or one that related to masculine characteristics – so it cannot be avoided completely. DHT is involved in a process called ‘miniaturisation’, leaving the follicles starved of nutrients, growing thinner and less strong. However you can inhibit the production of DHT in adults with one of only two approved hair loss medications – finasteride or as it is more commonly known by a brand name Propecia.

The Private Clinic

We offer hair loss treatments for men and women – with our Propecia and Minoxidil medical treatments – as well as the only permanent hair loss solution: a hair Transplant. We only use the latest FUE hair transplant technique as we believe it affords patients superior results to the more traditional and outdated ‘strip’ method.

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