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We explore the NHS England’s approach to treating various physical issues, including acne, hair loss, snoring, varicose veins and oversized or asymmetrical breasts. Some issues, which could be deemed as restraining, posing mental and physical effects or risks, can be viewed by the NHS as periphery or cosmetic issues, and treatment is limited or sometimes unavailable.
Varicose Veins

Before and After EVLA at The Private Clinic

The NHS offers limited varicose vein solutions. When varicose veins present a cosmetic problem only, typically treatment is unavailable. For veins that are causing pain or discomfort, or showing severe complications, treatment will be considered. Although, prior to any treatment, doctors usually advise up to 6 months of self-care, including regular exercise, wearing compression stockings, avoiding standing upright for long periods, and elevating the affected leg or legs while resting. This delay-period, however, presents potential problems: any pain or other symptoms are lengthened, and the condition may exacerbate.
If self-care measures reveal to be unsuccessful, the NHS may offer one of the following solutions: ligitation and stripping (surgical vein removal), sclerotherapy, endothermal ablation or Transilluminated powered phlebectomy. Although we caution that ligitation and stripping can be less effective than other methods – the more invasive procedure carries a 2 year recurrence rate of 33 percent, and 10 year recurrence rate of 70 percent.
At The Private Clinic, we are proud to be able to offer our patients prompt varicose vein treatment solutions after consultations, avoiding the risks associated with delayed treatment. Highly accessible, we are able to offer treatment from our portfolio of non-surgical varicose vein treatments to 99% of visiting patients, including the NICE recommended EVLA procedure, with a 95.4% success rate after 5 years.
The NHS usually offer moderate means to address snoring problems, which could be considered by some to be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Depending on the cause of your snoring, the NHS can offer several options, including a device worn in the mouth to bring the tongue forward, a chin strap to keep your mouth closed and special devices holding your nose open as you sleep. Surgery for snoring is sometimes suggested but this is rarely available with the NHS.
Regarding snoring treatment at the Private Clinic,
we present the advanced, non-invasive laser and  radio frequency snoring correction techniques, offering Professor Yves Kamani for treatment, inventor of the LAUP snoring correction method. All techniques are walk-in-walk-out procedures, with minimum downtime.
Breast Reduction
Breast Reduction at The Private Clinic

Breast reduction with the NHS England is also limited. The procedure is unavailable for cosmetic purposes, and patients will only be considered if they are experiencing mental or health related problems as a result of their breasts, such as psychological distress, skin irritation, skin infections or rashes under your breasts. Although, the procedure’s availability also depends on your nearest CGC’s eligibility criteria – some do not have the means to fund breast reduction surgery at all, and others will fund it only selectively, and if you fulfil strict criteria.
At The Private Clinic, we present both Surgical Breast Reduction (Mammoplasty) and Micro Liposuction to the breasts, as breast reduction options, performed by some of the UK’s most sought after and highly skilled Consultant Surgeons within the UK, who deliver outstanding results.
Before and After N-Lite Treatment at The Private Clinic

The NHS offer limited oral and topical solutions for acne. For patients that are experiencing mild to moderate acne, the NHS often prescribe topical treatments. Oral antibiotics are typically only prescribed in more extreme cases, to avoid patients building a tolerance to the medication.
For highly severe cases of acne, unresponsive to other treatments, your GP should refer you to a dermatologist, who will usually first trial a combination of topical and antibiotic solutions, and if this is ineffective, may suggest isotretinoin. There is often a long wait time to see a dermatologist, which can be from a couple of weeks to a few months. It is also important to understand that some acne medications carry strong side effects and also have varied success rates.
Frequently opted by patients seeing no success with topical or oral treatments, or who would prefer to avoid such medication, at The Private Clinic, we choose to provide patients the  choice of safe, highly effective aesthetic acne treatments, including , the N-Lite Laser treatment – seen as the most advanced acne treatment in decades. For patients who would prefer private dermatology treatment, we also offer highly experienced and qualified, industry renowned Consultant Dermatologists, of whom carefully create a highly bespoke treatment plan for you, with all precautions taken and careful monitoring.
Hair Transplant
Before and After FUE Hair Transplant at The Private Clinic

Hair loss can highly affect confidence in personal and professional lives, leading many to seek a hair transplant. However, the popular procedure is typically unavailable with the NHS, being regarded as cosmetic surgery. Therefore, patients will need to seek private treatment.
At The Private Clinic, we offer the advanced, minimally-invasive FUE hair transplant method, performed by world-class top hair transplant surgeons with extensive experience, who have perfected a unique FUE approach to achieve natural-looking results.
Regarding the NHS’s approach to haemorrhoid treatment, doctors often suggest making lifestyle changes in order to reduce the strain on your blood vessels both in and around your anus. This could include increasing your fibre intake, regular exercise or several other means. For more severe haemorrhoid cases, the NHS will consider various options, such as banding, in which a very tight elastic band is placed around the haemorrhoids base to break off the blood supply, which should cause the haemorrhoid to fall off after approximately a week. Surgery is also a potential option for large or external haemorrhoids, performed under general anaesthetic, where you will be unconscious.
At The Private Clinic, we present the safe, reliable highly effective internal Haemorrioids Removal treatment, Rafaelo®, using the well established radio frequency technology and performed under local anaesthetic. The 15 minute walk-in-walk-out treatment presents a good alternative to very painful surgery.
The Private Clinic
At The Private Clinic, we are proud to offer the most effective and advanced treatments available, to deliver the safest and optimum results for you, along with reasonable turnaround time.
Our treatments are only performed by highly skilled and qualified medical specialists, who closely examine every patient’s unique case, and with their advanced experience and knowledge, will recommend the best treatment for you, with clear, honest, transparent communication. Your treatment will additionally be bespoke to you, and tailored to your individual needs.
To learn more about our varicose vein treatments, hair transplants, breast reduction options, snoring treatments, acne treatments, dermatology department and Haemorrioids Removal  please see our website. If you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced specialists please do get in touch on 0333 920 2471, or you can also request consultations via our website.