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Hair loss is no longer a taboo subject, everyone is discussing it and media is awash with experts suggesting ways to help prevent it. Unfortunately when it comes to replacing it, it is a little difficult to restore what has already been lost on a more permanent basis unless you are willing to consider hair transplant surgery.

Men are no longer going into hiding pre and post hair transplant surgery with many sharing their stories with friends, family, colleagues and even online – it is much more common now to see celebrities being honest about having a hair transplant procedure which is why we believe the previous secrecy behind it is slowly reducing.

Wayne Rooney Before After Hair Transplant

We have covered celebrity hair transplants in previous blogs, taking a look at Wayne Rooney, James Nesbitt and Calum Best to name a few who have all been very open about their hair transplant procedures helping many men to seek advice and help for a problem they may have been struggling with for a number of years.

Recent headlines feature Coronation Street star Alan Halsall who previously had a hair transplant in 2016 and went on to have a second treatment in March 2019. Alan Halsall grew increasingly self-conscious about his thinning hair before he finally decided to have a hair transplant procedure. He now states that having a hair transplant has given him more confidence and that people have it done all the time – it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Alan halsall fue hair transplant surgery restoration procedure

Jack P Shepherd who also appears on Coronation Street as David Platt very openly had a FUE Hair Transplant procedure after he began to notice a big change in the shape and fullness of his hairline.

“I remember seeing myself on screen and thinking: ‘Oh my God, it is really falling out.’

Jack had 3,000 hairs transplanted into the front of his hairline in December 2018 so he has not yet unveiled the final results he has been seen to be pleased and also commented that “It’s such a common thing for guys to have now – like a male version of the boob job.”

jack p shedherd fue hair transplant surgery procedure

Tennis superstar Rafa Nadal was once known for having an impressive head of hair but back in 2016 he underwent a hair transplant procedure after noticing thinning especially around the crown which proves that no one is immune to hair loss.

In our clinic recently we had body builder and now personal trainer, Mike Thurston come in for FUE Hair Transplant surgery. Mike explained how he was always prepared for hair loss having noticed that it seems to run in the family. After struggling to style it he decided to shave his hair off and embrace the buzz cut for a few months before gradually letting it grow back and using certain hair loss products to give a fuller experience to his head of hair. Eventually Mike felt enough was enough and visited Dr Raghu Reddy in our Harley Street clinic to discuss the prospect of a FUE Hair Transplant procedure.

Training and exercise is a big part of Mike Thurston’s life so that was a big deciding factor when it came to considering a hair transplant procedure but after listening to Dr Reddy’s advice and recommendations the procedure day was booked and 5000 hairs were transplanted to Mike’s hairline and crown over a 2 day period.

Mike is still in the early days following his hair transplant procedure so we can’t wait to see him back in clinic in 6-9 months’ time to start seeing the final results but in the meantime take a look at his YouTube video to follow the first half of his hair transplant journey.

Mike Thurston Hair Transplant at The Private Clinic

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