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Once the New Year hits after a month of overindulging, losing weight and eating healthier is often at the top of everyone’s to-do lists. Many start crash diets and usually end up failing by the end of the month so what is the best way to lose weight? Many people have problems with their weight and body shape and finding the right way to lose weight effectively and healthily can be a daunting task.

What is Alevere?

Alevere is a weight loss therapy programme that has been developed by a medical team, backed by thorough research and testing. The aim of the programme is to optimise the body’s chemistry for rapid, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat whilst preserving the body’s muscle tissue and preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate during the weight loss.

Alevere Therapy is both a fast and more importantly safe way for patients to lose weight and discover a better body shaped. The programme has been developed by doctors and has two parts to it. The first part of the programme is a diet which is what causes the rapid weight loss and then the second part is body shaping to ensure that you are not left with loose skin or lumps caused by stubborn areas of fat.

Overall, we expect patients to aim for a monthly loss of between one and one and a half stone.

Step 1 – Consultation

Your Alevere programme will begin with a doctor-led consultation. This hour long consultation will allow you to go through your medical history, have a full explanation of what the programme involves, and have some routine tests such as blood pressure and blood test and have body measurements taken so your doctor can create a personal treatment plan for you.

Step 2 – Test Results

When your blood test results come back, the doctor’s findings on these will determine the quantity of foods and supplements that you will require on a daily basis. You can look to get your personal treatment plan within 48 hours of your consultation and then you will be ready to start your Alevere Journey.

Step 3 – Diet

The Alevere food replaces the necessary proteins that are normally supplied to the body by eating fish, meat, dairy products and vegetable nutrients. Alevere food contains these essential proteins but only a minimum amount of carbohydrates and fat. Patients are able to choose from a huge choice of over 50 flavours of soups, hot meals, sweet desserts, hot and cold drinks, vegetarian dishes and snack bars. When you first start the diet you will usually be eating five Alevere meals each day with a limited amount of fruit and vegetables. It is the aim of the diet for patients not to feel hungry, weak or tired and for all cravings to be reduced.

Step 4 – Ultrasound

Another unique part of this weight loss plan is the inclusion of ultrasound treatments which is essential in combination of the food diet. When you have subcutaneous fatty tissue, it is hard to reduce this with diet alone which is where the ultrasound treatment helps. The blood circulation that is within these local fat deposits is very poor and becomes increasingly difficult for the fat cells to release their contents into the blood vessels.

If you were to eat the diet but not have the ultrasound treatment then your body would not be receiving enough sugars for the brain and nervous system to function properly. This results in concentration levels dropping and cravings for sweet food increasing. The ultrasound treatment ensures that the sugar level in the blood is maintained, insulin resistance is decreased and renewed fat absorption is blocked.

The type of ultrasound treatments will vary between clinics but these are all carried out under medical supervision so you can be sure that you are in the best hands at all times.

Step 5 – Endermology Treatment

As you begin to lose weight you may notice that skin starts to become flabby and sag with the decrease in body volume.

Endermology treatment improves the circulation in the skin so that the substances that are released from the fat cell by means of ultrasound can be removed. At the same time the skin is stimulated to produce new collagen tissue, so that the elasticity of the skin improves and sagging is prevented. The eventual result may even prevent the need for surgical removal of (excess) skin.

Step 5 – Maintaining

We offer patients monthly check-ups to guarantee their chance of success. Once you reach your target weight the doctor will work out your new metabolic rate and then guide you on what, and how much you should be eating to ensure that you keep your new shape.

As well as losing weight and improving their body shape. Patients can also expect to see better blood sugar levels reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, improved blood pressure resulting in better overall cardio vascular health, better sleeping patterns, improved fitness and energy levels and a new found confidence in themselves.

Patient Story

“I have something to work towards now I have finished the Alevere journey. Life is good.”

When Joanne came in for her first consultation she was shocked at how unhealthy she was. Her cholesterol and blood pressure were high and results showed that over a third of her body was pure fat.

“It was disheartening but also empowering”

Joanne spoke to the doctor who provided her with the tools and information that she needed to start her weight loss journey with Alevere Therapy.

The first week was tough going for Joanne and was only bearable by the second but then things started to improve by the third week and when it came to the fourth week she felt totally different.

“I was down a stone and half already and I could actually fit into my size 14 jeans!”

Overall Joanne lost 3st and 8lb with only 12 weeks of treatment going from her start weight of 14st 6lbs to her new target weight of 10st 8lbs.

“The scales show a number, but you cannot measure how amazing this journey has made me feel”

Weight loss clinic near me?

Alevere Weight Loss Therapy is available at our Glasgow weight loss clinic under the supervision of Dr Simon Connolly. The principles and protocols of Alevere therapy have been developed by a medical team, backed by thorough research and testing. Working with Stephanie and Cherie, the programme is aimed at optimising the body’s chemistry for quick, effective and continuous breakdown of stored body fat whilst preserving the body’s muscle tissue and preventing suppression of the body’s metabolic rate during the weight loss.

Our Glasgow weight loss clinic is currently offering 20% off Alevere for January and February. This offer includes Offer includes your weekly comprehensive bespoke meal plans, weekly treatments for body contouring and your initial doctor appointment with Dr Simon Connolly.

“The Private Clinic of Harley Street in Glasgow is absolutely outstanding and provides an extremely professional service. All of the staff are friendly and helpful, but I have to specifically mention Dr Connelly and Cherie Lincoln. I could not have wished for better support, guidance and results during my Alevere treatment. I do not give ratings like this lightly; I am a healthcare professional and have high standards, but I have absolutely no reservations in giving this clinic an excellent rating. I cannot thank them enough for helping me get my health and wellbeing back!”

Jenny, Glasgow

Situated in the picturesque Park Circus, The Private Clinic in Glasgow is located just 12 minutes from Charing Cross station and is easily commutable from the surrounding areas of; Glasgow city, Hillhead, Hyndland, Jordanhill, Kelvindale, Kelvinside, Knightswood, Shawlands, Milngavie, Bearsden, Newlands, Mount Florida, Strathbungo, Partick, Park District, Linthouse and Mansewood.

To find out more about Alevere Weight Loss Therapy and to book a consultation with our weight loss team in Glasgow please call 0333 920 2471 or visit our Alevere Glasgow weight loss appointment page.

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