FUE Hair Transplants in London vs Turkey

A big decision that many men considering hair transplants have to decide on is whether to have their hair transplant procedure in London or travel abroad to Turkey?

The UK hosts a large number of clinics offering hair transplant procedures with Harley street hair clinics in London often being the most popular location of choice however; the popularity of travelling abroad for treatment is steadily rising.

Turkey is a popular choice for those considering hair transplant procedures abroad with the cost of the procedure often being much lower and with over 500 clinics across the country you may feel spoilt for choice.

Hair Transplants in Turkey should be approached with caution however with many Brits returning back to the UK with results that do not meet their expectations. One example of this is Faisal Hamid who was left disappointed with his hair transplant results after visiting a clinic in Turkey for his procedure. 10 months after the procedure he noticed that he had started to lose his hair again from the recipient area leaving him with a bald patch and areas of wispy hair.  Mr Hamid decided on a hair transplant procedure abroad as he was not able to afford the £13,000 quoted to him from clinics in the UK.

“’When Wayne Rooney got it done, I looked into it and thought it was too much money, it was around £13,000. I thought, if they can sort my hair out at the same time as a holiday, why not. It was just so cheap and that’s all it was.”

Read more about Faisal Hamid’s story here.

We understand that cost can be a big part of your decision to undergo a procedure of any kind but we really encourage you not to see it as the deciding factor. It is very common that patients who pay less and travel abroad for their hair transplant procedure eventually end up paying more to repair the damage.

Hair Transplants are one of Turkey’s fastest-growing industries with around 60,000 hair transplant patients visiting the capital each year. Chairman of the Middle East Tourism and Travel Agencies Association, Huyesin Kirk has estimated that there is on average between 150-500 hair transplant procedures performed every week.

However with the rise in popularity and competition between hair transplant clinics in Turkey, there is a definite increase in the amount of safety concerns for certain clinics and that many hair transplant procedures are actually performed illegally.  In Turkey (as well as the UK), it is a legal requirement that all hair transplant operations are performed by doctors, but many instead use under-qualified nurses and technicians to perform the procedure in order to cut costs.

FUE Hair Transplant procedures need to be performed by an experienced and professionally qualified hair transplant surgeon otherwise you can risk your newly implanted hair follicles growing in the wrong direction. In some cases the new hair follicles can grow upwards which not only will look very unnatural but it will make it very difficult to style or part your hair in the way that you wish.

At The Private Clinic, around 30% off our Hair Transplant patients have come to us seeking help to rectify a poorly done hair transplant. Unfortunately you can’t ‘un-do’ a hair transplant but in the majority of cases we are able to hide any former scars or increase the density of hair. Unfortunately this does come at an additional cost so the money you potentially saved getting it done abroad may eventually catch up with you and you could end up paying out more to fix the results.

There are lots more benefits to having your hair transplant procedure back in London include;

  • There will be no language barrier meaning all information will be fully understood.
  • The UK has much higher success rates.
  • There will be no unnecessary travel risks involved.
  • All clinics have to meet the UK Quality Standards.
  • It will be easier to visit and meet a variety of different clinics and surgeons before booking.
  • You will be able to receive aftercare from the same clinic and surgeon.
  • You will only be treated by highly experienced doctors who are specialised and experienced in FUE Hair Transplants.
  • You will be able to recover in your own home.

Whatever your choice may be, we encourage you to do your full research into both the clinic and the surgeons and ensure that you ask questions including; who is going to be performing my procedure? To ensure that you are always in the best care possible.

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Why Choose The Private Clinic?

At The Private Clinic we have an extensive library of hair transplant before and after photos which you can view here, or see our comprehensive hair transplant videos here.

Only the finest instruments are used resulting in as minimal trauma to your scalp as possible and we aim to deliver natural looking results with denser packing which is achieved by implanting the hair in the direction that replicates your natural hair growth.

The advanced skills and techniques used by our experienced hair transplant team ensures that your donor area will look intact after the hair transplant procedure allowing you to keep your hair really short if you prefer without any obvious scarring.

We are also able to correct scars resulting from injuries or previous surgeries.

The risk of a less than perfect hair transplant result is often enough to put many men off travelling abroad for a hair transplant but ultimately is only you that can make that decision. For many time is more precious than the cost and at The Private Clinic we respect your choices and pride ourselves on being able to offer you a service with a high emphasis on care and quality service. We pride ourselves on our results achieved by our expert surgeons.

Our specialist hair transplant surgeons – Dr Raghu Reddy and Dr Luca De Fazio in London Harley Street, Dr Mark Tam in Leeds and Bristol, Dr Michael Mouzakis in BirminghamManchesterBristolLeeds and Northampton and Mr Doraisami Mohan in Birmingham and Leeds offer the most advanced, minimally invasive Hair Transplant techniques available today.


Hair Transplant treatment is available at our London Harley StreetBirminghamBristolGlasgowManchesterNorthampton and Leeds clinics. To find out more about FUE Hair Transplants call 0333 920 2471 or use our hair transplant online contact form.

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