Facts on Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) Surgery

What is Gynecomastia?
Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the breast tissue inside the breast glands. One or both breasts can be affected and a rubbery or firm mound of tissue that sits behind the nipple is usually felt.

What can cause gynecomastia?
In most cases gynecomastia is caused by an imbalance between testosterone and oestrogen in the body. Oestrogen causes breast tissue to grow and men usually have a larger amount of testosterone in their bodies which stops the breast tissue from growing.

In other gynecomastia cases it may come down to extra body weight causing the larger appearance of the chest – in this circumstance it is important to rule out that it is not Pseudogynecomastia which is fat accumulation in the chest. You can find out more about the differences between gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia here

Puberty is another cause of gynecomastia as this is a time where hormone levels can vary. If this is the cause it is likely that as the boy reaches adulthood the hormone levels become more stable and the chest size will decrease.

Opposite to puberty, gynecomastia can also be caused by ageing. As men get older they produce less testosterone and this change in hormone levels again cause breast tissue growth.

In some rare cases gynecomastia can be caused by certain medications, illegal drugs, excessive alcohol and health abnormalities.

What can be done about Gynecomastia?
If you are worried about breast tissue growth then it may be worth visiting your GP who can go through your health and medication history and initially rule out any underlying causes. You may be given medication to adjust your hormone imbalance.

Here at The Private Clinic we have a variety of different surgical options for male chest reduction;

Micro Liposuction – Micro liposuction is a great treatment for smaller cases of gynecomastia. It uses a smaller cannula to remove the fat and is performed under local anaesthetic or sedation if required.

Vaser LiposuctionVaser liposuction is a walk-in walk-out procedure that is ideal for the standard case of gynecomastia and is very effective at male chest reduction. The procedure again is performed under local anaesthetic or sedation if required. If you prefer a more athletic appearance then we also offer VASER High Definition which is great at creating a more sculpted chest.

Surgical LiposuctionIf you have a larger amount of fat to be removed then you will most likely be offered surgical liposuction. This is performed under local anaesthetic and may require a hospital stay.

How much is liposuction for male breast reduction?
Prices for male chest reduction via vaser liposuction start from £2,940, an excision or liposuction can start from £5,620 and in more extreme cases a full male breast reduction starts from £8,820

During a consultation with your surgeon they will be able to assess your suitability for treatment and give you a more accurate quote.

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