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The secret cosmetic procedures for men

There is often a common misconception that cosmetic procedures are only for women but there are actually a wide range of treatments that are very common for the male population to undergo. All it takes is a little bit of

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Breast Augmentation 5 top tips for pre and post-surgery

When you book your breast augmentation surgery you will be given pack of information detailing what you need to do both pre and post-surgery. We have put together a quick list of some points and tips that may not necessarily

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Cosmetic procedures to maintain youthful looks

It has been reported that 230,000 people aged over 50 in the UK have opted for a nip, tuck or other procedure. This figure is not really of a surprise to us here at The Private Clinic. We often have

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Steven’s Hair Transplant Journey

Steven Ashworth is one of the patient co-ordinators here at The Private Clinic who actually consults for Dr Michail Mouzakis on a regular basis. As someone who suffers from hair loss himself he was able to sympathise with his patients.

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Your comprehensive breast care package

Here at The Private Clinic we already pride ourselves on offering excellent care, highly experienced surgeons and top quality implants. So we are now excited to reveal to you our new comprehensive breast care package for all breast implant related

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Fitzroy Square Hospital

Fitzroy Square Hospital is our purpose built day case facility for all our day case procedures. Situated on Fitzroy Square in central London makes it a quiet and peaceful location for our patients to visit. It is easily located from

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Breast Implant Positions

Making the decision to go ahead with surgery is a big one and we always recommend taking the time to do this. When it comes to breast augmentations however, it is not the only big decision you need to make.

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The Private Clinic comes to Newcastle

We have a number of clinics across the UK but we are very excited to announce the launch of our new consultation room space in Newcastle. With clinics in Leeds and Manchester – we have a large amount of patients

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Vaser Liposuction results The Private Clinic

As much as we love hearing about and seeing our patient results, we also love sharing them with other potential patients considering the same procedure. Vaser liposuction, although a day case procedure – is not a quick fix and sometimes

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Rhinoplasty clinics near me

Rhinoplasties or nose jobs as they are also referred to are growing increasingly popular with many wanting to change the appearance of the nose for both cosmetic reasons as well as breathing issues. When it comes to choosing the right

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