Why Planning Hairline is of key importance for best Hair Transplant Results

For many patients who are considering a hair transplant the end goal is usually to achieve a full head of hair again – often reminiscent of their youthful self, but is this always the best outcome?

When it comes to restoring hair loss, it is important to not just think about the overall volume of hair but instead to look at what hairline would be appropriate for you.

Why is hairline important?
A good hairline is the key to a natural looking hair transplant. In social situations the point where your hairline meets your forehead will be the most noticeable and it is the section which you are more likely to focus on when it comes to looking in the mirror at yourself. It may not be something that you would traditionally get complimented on like your eye colour, jaw line or teeth for example but it is actually just as important.

Plan your hairline
Here at The Private Clinic we have a team of skilled FUE Hair Transplant surgeons who are able to work with you to determine the best hairline for you. Poor hair transplant results are often caused by surgeons who lack an understanding of how a natural-looking hairline should be created.

Many people make the mistake of wanting their new hair line too low or too high but a hairline should reflect the wearer’s age. A natural hairline will recede by 2cm around the time of puberty whether they are due to suffer from hair loss or not – this is simply just the natural progression of a more mature hairline. A balding man in his 40s for example who is wanting to restore his hairline should avoid going for a low and rounded look as this will result in an unnatural appearance but instead it should reflect the hairline of a 40 year old who is not balding.

When it comes to planning your hairline we should stick to the natural proportions of the face. Traditionally the distance between your hairline and your eyebrow should match the distance between your eyebrows and the bottom of your nose and then the same again from your nose to your chin. So when you look at someone unconsciously you expect to see these three similarly-sized areas on the face. If the hairline is too high or too low then this goes against the rule of thirds resulting in an unnatural looking hair transplant.

Many of our younger patients are obviously upset over losing their hair so soon but this is a permanent hair replacement and so your new hairline will need to suit you for years to come.

In the video above you can see Hair Transplant Surgeon, Dr Michail Mouzakis marking up our patient Doug ready for the implantation of his new hair follicles. Dr Mouzakis discusses how he likes to plan a hair line in order to achieve a natural result.

Another factor to consider is the pattern of the hairline. No natural hairline appears straight so any hairline that reflects the look of it being drawn with a ruler is instantly going to look unnatural. Your hairline will naturally develop a zone of fine hairs as it transitions to the forehead this is known as feathering and is something that our hair transplant surgeons like to recreate so instead of marking out straight lines they will instead use more of a zig zag/dashed pattern and will only insert smaller follicular units in this area.

It is really important to listen to your surgeon’s advice if you want to achieve a natural-looking hair transplant with the best results. It is well worth taking the time to discuss your new hairline in depth with your surgeon and ask to see it marked out before implantation.

The Private Clinic
The Private Clinic’s Hair Transplant and Hair Restoration surgeons have the most extensive experience in treating Male Pattern Baldness with the minimally-invasive, no visible scarring, no stitch technique known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) Hair Transplantation.

Hair transplant treatments are available at The Private Clinic London Harley Street, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and Northampton. However, we offer hair transplant consultations across our clinics in the UK.

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