What are Sagging Jowls?

What are jowls?

When we say jowls, we are referring to the skin along the lower jaw; if the skin is sagging below the jawline then you have what is known as sagging jowls.blog-skin-woman-the-private-clinic

Who gets them?

Anyone can develop sagging jowls; they have the tendency to affect women more than men and often start to appear in their 40s. Those who have a narrow face have been known to get them quicker than those with a fuller face.

What causes them?

Natural ageing:  ageing unfortunately is the main cause of sagging jowls which means there is not always a lot we can do to prevent it. As we age, our skin starts to loose elastin and collagen which is the key to keeping your skin smooth, firm and taut.  As a result of losing collagen and elastin the opposite effect occurs and skin begins to give into gravity so the lower fat of the cheek moves downwards resulting in jowls.

Genetics: some  of us are destined to develop jowls thanks to our genetic predisposition. In these cases, jowls may appear earlier in your life.

Weight: when you gain weight, the skin on your face, as well as on other areas of your body, stretches to accommodate the extra fat. So when you lose weight  it may leave you with an area of loose skin, can result in jowls appearing.

Lifestyle: your lifestyle can play a part in the ageing of your skin. If you work on a computer a lot then the way you are sitting and how you are looking at the screen can affect your skins ageing. A number of professionals are being diagnosed with ‘computer face’ which is when jowls become more apparent if you are sitting in one position and looking down a lot. We recommend taking regular breaks, raising your computer screen and trying out some facial exercises to stretch out those muscles. Smoking can cause jowls to sag faster with the smoke containing chemicals which damage collagen and elastin. Being outside a lot is a great thing but if you are not protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays then you are damaging the collagen and elastin resulting in your skin ageing quicker. We recommend wearing UV sunscreen all year round.

So what can I do?

In the past, a facelift or necklift has been the best way to remove jowls but many of us may not wish to go through with that level of surgery, but want something that’s a little longer lasting than fillers.

One-Stitch Facelift

The one stitch facelift is a great option that although is still a surgical procedure, the downtime is greatly minimised and it can all be performed under local anaesthetic.

The one stitch facelift targets the mid-face which can greatly improve the jaw line and sagging jowls. The procedure itself takes around 40 minutes to perform under local anaesthetic. Using local anaesthetic greatly reduces the downtime associated with traditional facelift surgery Little to no bruising is expected after the one stitch facelift meaning many patients are able to return to work and social activities much sooner than expected following surgery. We recommend patients take at least 1-2 days to recovery but many are back to work within the same week of having the procedure and make-up can be worn straight away as long as it is applied gently and kept away from the incision lines which are concealed within the hairline anyway.

Consultations for the One Stitch Facelift are available at London Harley Street with Mr Davood Fallahdar BSc, MB ChB(Hons), MD FRCS(Plast), MicroSurg (Hons), ORL H&NSurg. GMC Number: 4686602

8 Point Lift

If you still wanted to avoid surgery then our 8 point lift injectable procedure is a great option to get a subtle lift on a more temporary basis.

Our 8 point lift procedure is known as the non-surgical facelift or fluid lift. The procedure uses dermal filler injected as precise points on the face aiming to target the key areas of the mid-face to lift, contour and revitalise the whole mid and lower face. The results can last up to 18 months and there is no downtime associated with the procedure. In order to maintain the results from the 8 point lift then regular treatment is advised but over time patients may feel they need less product, less frequently to achieve the results they want.

Consultations for the 8 Point Lift procedure are available at our London Harley Street, Birmingham, Bristol, Buckinghamshire, Glasgow, Leeds, Manchester and Northampton clinics with one of dermal filler experts;

Thread Lift

A thread lift procedure is a great way to reduce the appearance of mild sagging jowls giving you a more rejuvenated V-shape appearance to your face. We offer two types of thread lifts at The Private Clinic; Silhouette Soft and PDO Threads, both of these treatments offer great results and it will be at the aesthetic doctor or nurse’s discretion over which one is used. During a thread lift procedure threads will be inserted into your face to help lift and tighten the lower face reducing the appearance of jowls, the threads also increase collagen production giving an overall more youthful and lifted appearance. A thread lift takes around 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic. The results are instant however some swelling and bruising should be expected for at least 48 hours but this can take up to a week to clear completely. The results of a thread left are anywhere from 18 months to 2 years depending on the type of threads used and areas treated.

Thread lift consultations are in London Harley Street, Birmingham, Buckinghamshire and Northampton with one of our thread lift experts;

The Private Clinic


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