What is N-Lite ?

The N-Lite laser is not a quite a household name yet so we like to think of it as being a top secret treatment to improved skin!

In order to shed some light on the N-Lite, we have asked Aesthetic Therapist at The Private Clinic; Victoria Phelps to answer some questions about the machine.

What is N-Lite?blog-nlite-machine-the-private-clinic

The N-Lite is a laser which  is also known in the industry as Regenlite, it is a visible yellow light laser which copies the damage in the skin that stimulates the skin’s natural response to wound healing. In other terms, it tricks the skin into thinking it has been wounded to then stimulate the skin to repair and heal, which produces brand new collagen. The N-lite laser was first introduced to the UK in 2000 and it predominantly focused on reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles and treating general signs of ageing. It soon became apparent to practitioners that the treatments were also reducing active acne breakouts on patients who were having treatment at the time. Now the N-lite laser is known as a treatment which can successfully reduce and control active acne, giving patients more confidence.

What does the N-Lite treat?

With the laser we are able to treat the face, back, chest and abdomen if patients are suffering from acne on these areas. The N-Lite laser can also be used to help to heal the skin, for example a cold sore, papercut or fairly new scar and skin conditions such as Rosacea and Acne. The laser also allows the practitioner to treat other various concerns for example warts and veins, and it can be used for rejuvenation to help target lines and wrinkles in conjunction with other treatments. However, at The Private Clinic we only generally recommend the use of our N-Lite laser to treat Acne skin concerns.acne nlite before after the private clinic

How do I prepare for N-Lite treatment?

Preparation for the treatment is dependent on the patient’s skin and their concerns, which is why it is vital the patient receives a thorough consultation with a practitioner to ensure they are given the correct advice and recommendations for a good home care regime. The practitioner may suggest having a microdermabrasion, glycolic or enzyme treatment before the N-Lite to remove dead skin cells. It is important to exfoliate the skin before this treatment to remove those dead skin cells as it can create a barrier which will then reduce the level of absorption of the light into the skin which may affect the overall result of the treatment.

Patients will be asked to avoid taking aspirin, aloe vera, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and antihistamines for at least 7 days before and after treatments. If patients are using Vitamin A products for example retinol based products or other active ingredients (i.e. glycolic, salicylic) they will also be asked to not use these blog-no-smoking-the-private-clinicproducts for 2 days before and after treatment. For patients who smoke it is better if they can refrain from smoking on the day of treatment and for at least 48 hours after treatment as smoking can stop the treatment from working effectively. Drinking alcohol is also prohibited for at least 2 hours before and after treatment. Patients who have recently been in the sun on holiday, used sunbeds or fake tan will be asked to wait up to 6 weeks after they have come back before a patch test can be carried out as a precautionary measure to ensure the skin is not tanned and there for prevents an adverse reaction like a blister or burn.

The N-Lite procedure:

The Private Clinic: NLite SessionStep 1 – The practitioner will cleanse the area using the appropriate products for your skin type.
Step 2– The skin will be blotted to ensure it is dry.
Step 3–  Practitioner may use a white pencil to grid the area that is being treated to ensure the entire area is covered effectively and to help maintain patient comfort.
Step 3– The patient’s eyes are covered with black out goggles to protect the eye area from the light of the laser.
Step 4– The practitioner will then use the hand piece in an up and down motion over the area, usually starting at the jawline. Patients will feel a warm, slightly tingly or prickly sensation on the skin which lasts for a few seconds, after treatment the skin can look a little flushed and feel slightly warm which is a normal reaction and will calm down after a few hours.
Step 5 – The practitioner will then apply the appropriate products to the skin, for example sun protection, and run through post care advice, which is covered in our ‘How does the N-Lite work for Acne?’ blog.

The Private Clinic

We are the UK’s leading non-invasive cosmetic group and have some of the most experienced skin specialists and Consultant Dermatologists working with us. Our nurses and practitioners have performed more N-Lite treatments to date than any other clinic in the country.

Dermatologist at The Private Clinic;

Dr Rishika Sanha, Consultant Dermatologist, MA(Cantab), MB BChir, MRCP(Derm), GMC Number: 6092256

Available at Birmingham, London Harley Street, Manchester, Leeds and Northampton

Find out more about our nlite acne treatment by calling 03339 209135 or use our acne online contact form.

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