Month: October 2016

Top 10 Otoplasty FAQs

If you are unhappy with the size, shape or position of your ears then you may benefit from ear correction surgery which is a surgical procedure that can reshape and reconstruct the ear. We have answered some of your top …

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Recovery after Vaser Liposuction

When we talk about vaser liposuction treatments having minimal downtime what we are really saying is that the time spent in clinic after the procedure is minimal with patients leaving once the procedure is over. Compared to surgical liposuction or …

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Breast Augmentation Myths Exposed

You hear many things about breast implants and it can often be hard to know what to believe.  If you don’t have any friends of family members with breast implants then you can often fall foul of believing the many …

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Treating Lipoedema with MicroLipo

You may not have heard of Lipoedema before and that is no surprise, since first being diagnosed to a patient in the 1940s it is still a relatively unknown and often misdiagnosed condition with reports of only 10% of medical …

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7 Questions answered about FUE Hair Transplants

Hair transplants can be an unknown area for many of us and although there is a lot of information out there, it may seem a bit confusing. We have answered 7 frequently asked questions about FUE hair transplants that will …

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