How does breast reduction treatment work?

Growing up, girls often worry about the breast size they’re going to have once their body matures. It’s often the case that they’ll hope to end up with a larger size and it’s understandable considering the female body ideals promoted in the media.

Busty women will, however, know that larger breasts can come with many downsides. They can get in the way, making simple things like hugging awkward. They make it difficult to get involved in sports, especially when you have to grasp your chest just to go down the stairs.

Let’s not forget that finding a perfectly fitting and supportive bra, or any kind of clothes shopping for that matter, seems as intense a quest as finding the Holy Grail.

More importantly, a large bust can cause intense back pain and physical discomfort, making normal daily activities particularly taxing. Sometimes the discomfort can become emotional, especially when you get unwanted attention and harassment because of the size of it.

For some it’s simply a matter of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin and suffering from low confidence, self-esteem and even embarrassment because of their disproportionate bosom.

Be it for cosmetic or health reasons, if your bust has become a nuisance you might be considering getting a breast reduction, in which case you probably want to know how it works before you commit to anything.

There are two options available and depending on the size of your breasts, their shape, as well as your desired results, a doctor will advise you on the best option for you.

Surgical Breast Reduction / Mammoplasty

A mammoplasty is an invasive surgical procedure during which a surgeon reduces the size of a patient’s breasts by removing any excess materials.

Once the fat, skin and glandular tissue have been removed the surgeon can make your breasts look proportionate by moving your nipples and adapting the size of the areola.

The surgery lasts around three hours and the first thing to happen is that your bust gets measured and weighed, after which the doctor traces guiding lines on you.

There are different techniques your surgeon can use and the consequent scarring may affect your choice.

Most people tend to go with the Anchor type or inverted T reduction.

An initial vertical cut is made from the aereola to the base of the breast, followed by a horizontal one along the breast crease.

On the other hand with a Vertical pattern breast reduction the cut is made around the areola with another vertical one going downwards.

Finally there’s the Circumareolar reduction. It’s the cleanest cut since it only leaves a scar traced around the areola but it only serves those who want a minimal breast reduction.

At the end the incisions are stitched up and your breasts wrapped in a special supportive bandage.

For up to the next 48 hours fine plastic tubes may be left in each breast in order for blood and fluids to drain into a bag and you will be required to spend 1-2 days in hospital.

We recommended taking the following 1-2 weeks off work as full recovery can last 2-6 weeks.

The great advantage of this procedure is that you get to tailor your breasts to look exactly how you want them to and since a mastopexy (uplift) is often undertaken in combination with the mammoplasty your breast can be significantly lifted.


MicroLipo Breast reduction before photo

MicroLipo Breast reduction after photo Before and after MicroLipo Breast Reduction at the Private Clinic.
*All images, videos and testimonials are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients and all photos and videos have been consented to and have not been altered in any way.

MicroLipo is a procedure designed for women who have already undergone menopause and is highly recommended if you’re quite happy with the shape of your breasts and all you want to do is reduce their volume and weight.

With this treatment you can cut the volume of your breasts by half and get yourself a noticeable uplift without changing their general appearance.

Unlike surgery, this procedure requires only very small cuts that allow for thin tubes to be inserted at key locations in your breasts.

Because the tubes are no larger than 3mm in diameter there is next to no scarring and you can get back top  work and normal activities in two to three days.

Before the treatment begins, a local anaesthetic is injected into the fat within the breasts causing them to swell.

In doing so fat cells are separated from surrounding tissue and removed thanks to the thin tubes.

Once you’re done you put on a breast compression garment to be worn for the following 3-6 days but you don’t have to spend the night in hospital and get to go home instead.

You’ll need to shower and change your gauze pads twice daily and you should be able to return to work on your second day of recovery.

The Private Clinic is one of the few European clinics staffed with a cosmetic surgeon who is certified to carry out MicroLipo to the standard of its inventor:

At The Private Clinic we are lucky to be one of the few UK and European clinics to have cosmetic surgeons who possess not only the skills, but also the certifications, to perform MicroLipo to the high standard set by it’s inventor: Dr. Jeffrey Klein.

Dr. Puneet Gupta is probably the only physician to have trained extensively with Dr. Klein and, having perfected his technique, pioneer its use as a non-invasive breast reduction treatment.

Remember that MicroLipo is only suitable for those who have undergone menopause – it isn’t ideal for those who are younger and looking to reduce their size.


MicroLipo and mammoplasty are both very valid and effective options but your choice will depend on your specific circumstances. You may not be suitable for one of the procedures or one of them might not be effective for what you’re trying to achieve. Take your surgeon’s advice but make sure that you do your research and that you’re in qualified and safe hands. Opting for an unskilled or inexperienced surgeon may lead to botched results and leave you with nothing but grief.

So remember, a surgical procedure is only as good as the surgeon who performs it.

The Private Clinic

Our clinic has over 30 years of experience in providing patients with pioneering treatments performed by world-class doctors.

Our biggest priority is YOU and that includes your health and safety, meaning our doctors won’t go through with a procedure if they judge that it won’t benefit you.

We’ve worked hard to select an elite medical team that will guide you through the treatment process from start to finish and support you throughout.

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