FUE Hair Transplant Pricing

We understand that the price of any cosmetic or aesthetic treatment plays a substantial role in the consideration process for anyone wanting a hair transplant.

While you should always pay attention to the pricing structures offered to you for a hair transplant, you need to always keep that factor secondary to the quality of care and the results offered by a clinic or surgeon. This extends to their reputation, credentials and experience of both.

We are asked daily about pricing information regarding our various procedures and while we’re more than happy to give you an average price a patient pays, more accurate quotes can only be offered by the surgeon during a consultation after assessing your case and needs.

Once one of our hair transplant doctors, Dr Raghu Reddy, Dr Luca De Fazio, Mr Michail Mouzakis, Dr Mark Tam or Mr Doraisami Mohan have deemed you suitable for an FUE Hair Transplant you will then be informed as to how many grafts or hairs you’ll require to have transplanted. This will be based on the results that you are after and it is then that an accurate price for your procedure will be given.

FUE Hair Transplant before photo Dr Raghu ReddyFUE Hair Transplant after photo Dr Raghu Reddy

(Dr Raghu Reddy Patient: Before and After)

We endeavour to ensure that you will receive the most natural results. Our approach consists on delivering the most density as possible in the balding area, whilst also preserving the donor area. Our procedures are normally carried out during one full-day session and the treatment is performed under a local anaesthetic. Local anaesthetic eliminates the risks and downtime meaning that you can leave the clinic immediately after your treatment.

For more information regarding the FUE Hair Transplants we offer in London, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol and Birmingham or about other areas of the body we are able to treat please visit our website.

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