VASER Hi-Def: Understanding the art of body sculpting

VASER Hi-Def, or Assisted High Definition LipoSculpture, is a minimally invasive body sculpting treatment that can help achieve an athletic muscular body figure. For example, you may want to enhance the six-pack muscle definition on your abdominals. The key behind a successful body sculpting treatment, especially VASER Hi-Def, is the surgeon’s reputation, skills and experience.

VASER Hi-Def is a tool to achieving a natural looking, defined physique, however the surgeon you choose will greatly impact the results you’re able to gain and the risks associated with such a procedure. You should always consult with and choose your surgeon based on their experience with the VASER technology and their artful skills of sculpting.

The most popular areas treated with VASER Hi-Def to add definition are the six-pack (abdomen), pecks (chest), love handles (waist), quads (upper legs), biceps and triceps (upper arms).

VASER Hi-Def before and after by Dr Dennis Wolf photo

Factors that may add risks to your body sculpting procedure:

  • Your Surgeon isn’t that great at using VASER: Well, this is a bit of a no-brainer. There are far too many stories on dodgy Liposuction and LipoSculpting procedures. VASER may be a minimally invasive procedure, but only an experienced VASER certified practitioner should carry out the treatment. Not only will this eliminate any unnecessary hitches during the procedure, they will also be able to give you the best natural-looking results from treatment as well as the aftercare and advice required for a successful recovery.
  • Your Surgeon can use VASER, but has inadequate experience in body sculpting: VASER Hi-Def is a technique specifically used for chiseling and pronouncing the muscles that are under superficial and deep fat tissue. Very few clinics and doctors in the UK actually have adequate VASER Hi-Def experience, so double check that your surgeon is highly trained in VASER Hi-Def too.
  • You are not maintaining a healthy lifestyle: Many people are under the illusion of thinking that Liposelection and LipoSculpture treatments are a quick and easy solution for weight-loss, obesity or even cellulite – we beg to differ. You simply cannot expect to attain superior results from VASER Hi-Def if you aren’t already following a healthy, balanced lifestyle. VASER Hi-Def is used to balance uneven fat distribution, and additionally helps attain a toned, contoured appearance. Poor diet and lack of exercise after VASER Hi-Def treatment may increase the risk of fat returning to those unwanted areas.

During the procedure, local anaesthetic and tumescent anaesthetic are injected to numb the area and separate the fat tissue from the rest of the tissue we don’t want to target. A VASER probe is then inserted into the fatty tissue, emitting ultrasonic  waves that gently liquefy and break down  fat cells which are subsequently suctioned out. The truly creative part of the procedure involves the careful sculpting of the muscles that are surrounded by superficial and deep fat areas. The whole procedure is done without damaging surrounding tissue. Find out about VASER recovery here.

The Private Clinic’s experience in VASER Hi-Def and Body Sculpting

We are a VASER certified Training Centre and are the European Representatives of the Advanced Body Sculpting Institute in the USA. We are one of very few clinics in the UK that are certified in VASER Hi-Def and VASER 4D, and our VASER specialist, Dr Dennis Wolf, is highly regarded by Solta Medical (the manufacturers of VASER) as a UK Trainer for VASER. He has years of extensive experience in all VASER Lipo techniques, and has performed over 2500 procedures for The Private Clinic. For more information on VASER Hi-Def and all other VASER LipoSculpture techniques, please visit our page.

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