Mammoth Hair Transplant Results: A Year On

Last year, we witnessed a 3-day FUE hair transplant take place at our Harley Street clinic . Our very own Dr Raghu Reddy conducted this record breaking procedure, implanting a phenomenal 13,604 hairs! Our previous blog post illustrated the seven stages of hair loss on the Norwood scale, and we saw that our patient suffered extreme hair loss and was matched to the very last stage on the scale, as seen in this photo:

Before FUE hair transplant photo

Here are the full results from the surgery, a year later:

After FUE hair transplant photo


Our patient is now sporting a noticeably thicker, fuller mane! The hair on the hairline and crown of his head is significantly longer than before.

The Private Clinic is the leading UK clinic in hair loss treatments. Our surgeons are some of the best in the UK and Dr Raghu Reddy, our FUE specialist, has years of extensive experience in performing FUE hair transplants at The Private Clinic. To book an appointment or find out more about our FUE Hair Transplants, please visit our page.

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