#TPCLIVE: October Q&A with Dr Gupta about MicroLipo and Fat Transfer

We recently had Dr Puneet Gupta, one of the most popular cosmetic doctors at The Private Clinic, spend some time on Twitter answering your questions about liposuction, MicroLipo and Fat Transfer to the Breasts and Fat Transfer to the Buttocks. See below for highlights of the Q&A. The Q&A happened on the 3rd October 2013.

Who is Dr Puneet Gupta?

Dr Puneet Gupta is an experienced cosmetic doctor based at The Private Clinic of Harley Street. He is the only practitioner offering the minimally invasive MicroLipo fat removal procedure in the UK, which has great word of mouth and is increasing in popularity here. Dr Gupta also offers Fat Transfer to the Breasts and Buttocks. He also treats a number of skin problems, including keloid scars, and specialises in treating darker skin types.

Dr Gupta from The Private Clinic - Offers MicroLipo, Fat Transfer and Skin Treatments

Dr Gupta from The Private Clinic – Offers MicroLipo, Fat Transfer and Skin Treatments
*All images, videos and testimonials are based on the personal experiences of our patients and represent individual body shapes and results. Results may vary from person to person. All testimonials are provided voluntarily by our patients and clients and all photos and videos have been consented to and have not been altered in any way.

Highlights from The Private Clinic LIVE Q&A 03/10/13 with Dr Gupta

@privateclinic And we are LIVE with our #TPCLive Q&A session with Dr Puneet Gupta, covering #FatTransfer and #Liposuction…

Q: @CosmedicCoach asked: Does fat transferring work well for buttock augmentation?
A: @CosmedicCoach Fat transfer to the buttocks is an increasingly popular procedure! The fat re-absorption is a consideration…
A: @CosmedicCoach …as blood supply to breasts allow for more fat viability, breasts are more successful to treat with fat transfer.

Q: @goodsurgeon asked: Does Dr Gupta rcmd compression garments after lipo, if so for how long?
A: @goodsurgeon Yes I do rcmnd compression garments after lipo to aid drainage of fluid and minimise bruising…
A: @goodsurgeon I rcmnd for 1-5 days depending on the area of the body!

Q: @BridesandBeauty asked: Where on your body can you have lipo?
A: @BridesandBeauty You can have lipo on most areas of the body: face, arms, breasts, abdomen, back, hips, legs, etc!
A: @BridesandBeauty I personally wouldn’t treat toes, hands, fingers, feet or forearms

Q: @CosmedicCoach asked: Does the transferred fat become lost with excessive weight loss?
A: @CosmedicCoach the amount of fat that remains acts exactly the same as your normal fat anywhere else…
A: @CosmedicCoach …if you lose weight, you’ll lose fat, if you gain weight, the area will get bigger.

Q: @Consulting_Room asked: is there a preferred lipo method for Dr G to harvest & isolate the most viable fat cells?
A: @Consulting_Room Of course! The Rolls Royce of lipo procedures – MicroLipo!
A: @Consulting_Room …I harvest the fat via MicroLipo and allow for natural separation of the fat from fluid. This helps retain fat survival!

Q: @xPrettyInPinkxx asked: Just wondering about the longevity of fat transfer, how much breaks down after each procedure etc? #tpclive
A: @xPrettyInPinkxx Once settled (4wks) results will last permanently and act as part of your body.

Q: @CosmedicCoach asked: Does the fat transferred migrate?
A: @CosmedicCoach No, it doesn’t. Some may be reabsorbed by the body, but it won’t migrate. #tpclive

Q: @Consulting_Room asked: How does Dr G manage fat re-absorption in transfer procedures? Over filling? Do patients need top ups? #tpclive
A: @Consulting_Room the handling of fat plays a major role in viability. Over filling is common to account for some loss of fat.
A: @Consulting_Room Top ups aren’t very common – I haven’t needed to do any so far…

Q: @paully8080 asked: do you think patients should go for psych evaluation before being approved for plastic surgery?
A: @paully8080 It is totally up to the Dr’s consultation skills and is his call to evaluate a patient. #tpclive

Q: @jackhardwick93 asked: do you agree with some celebs that lipo can be used as a quick fix and that it’s ok to keep returning? #tpclive
A: @jackhardwick93 excess of anything is bad..but as long as it is carried out safely and within reason, there shouldn’t be a problem. #tpclive
A: @jackhardwick93 I always encourage a healthy lifestyle of balanced diet and exercise to all of my patients #tpclive

Q: @BridesandBeauty asked: Is microlipo painful? #tpclive
A: @BridesandBeauty microlipo is the most minimally invasive fat removal procedure carried out under local anaesthetic…
A: @BridesandBeauty …there may be slight discomfort and bruising, but that is very bearable. People wouldn’t have the procedure otherwise.

Q: @BridesandBeauty asked: what is the recovery time of microlipo? #tpclive
A: @BridesandBeauty 2-3 days, except for thighs, which may take slightly longer!

Q: @BridesandBeauty asked: how long do the results last? #tpclive
A: @BridesandBeauty nothing with our body is permanent…our bodies change all the time…but…
A: @BridesandBeauty …if you maintain your weight and lifestyle, the results will be permanent. It is pretty difficult to regain the fat

Q: #tpclive Q: Why are you the only Dr in the UK performing MicroLipo?
A: #tpclive I’d ask other Drs why they don’t do it? It is a treatment that does what it says and it is very effective!

Q: #tpclive Can I have MicroLipo with excessive skin?
A: #tpclive Of all non-invasive lipo, microlipo will be the most suitable but the quality of skin and extent of sagging will be assessed.

Q: #tpclive Can I have microlipo if I’m obese?
A: #tpclive it isn’t a weight loss solution. This is for contouring proportions, not weight loss.

Q: #tpclive is there an age limit for Microlipo?
A: #tpclive there isn’t an age limit, but we need to be careful as one gets older!

@privateclinic Alright…thank you to all who participated in #TPCLive! We hope we answered your Q’s and that you’ve found it useful…Until next time!

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