Treatment Guide: Sun Damage

Sun damage is often a big factor in prematurely aged skin. People who have spent years without too much concern for the damage the sun may have been having on their skin often come to us to seek ways to improve their skin. The good news is that we can help transform their skin, rejuvenating and helping them shed the damaged skin but it’s important that people look after their skin whatever the condition. We decided to put together a treatment guide if you have sun damaged skin, as part of a new Treatment Guide blog series.

Sun Damage

Your suitability will be determined by skin type. As we offer a wide range of treatments we will only suggest the best procedures possible for you. We are medical professionals first and foremost.


The Private Clinic has a number of treatments for sun damage including:

Pixel Laser

The Pixel laser laser skin resurfacing treatment removes the epidermis and upper dermis with targeted concentrations of light onto damaged skin, promoting the production of healthier, new skin for a rejuvenating effect. It is suitable for people who do not want much downtime and most skin types (as our medical team are specialised in treating darker skin types).

Pearl, Pearl Fractional and Pearl Fusion Laser Skin Resurfacing

Pearl laser treatments are also laser skin resurfacing treatments like Pixel but work in different ways and to different degrees. Minor damage can be treated by Pearl or Pearl Fractional but if the damage is extensive you may benefit from Pearl Fusion – a combination of both treatments. Please see our blog post on the differences between Pixel and Pearl. Pearl treatments are usually single session treatments, unlike Pixel which often require a small course of treatments. Pearl Fusion can be quite a powerful treatments and may not be suitable for some skin types.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light)

IPL is a slightly less concentrated light-based treatment than Pearl or Pixel and it is not a laser treatment. Bursts of light are directed onto the skin to stimulate collagen production and new skin cells as well as removing old and dead ones. A consultation with our medical team will be a great way to weigh up your options and determine your suitability. A course of 6 treatments is often needed for optimum results.

Chemical Peels

Chemical skin peels come in several forms and strengths, depending on the brand and the different needs of the patient. Lighter peels will help superficial damage and can be achieved with very little downtime while significant damage may require a stronger peel, and will possibly require more downtime to allow the skin to rejuvenate.


A medical roller with micro-needles attached to it is passed over the skin to targeted areas, causing micro scars and promoting skin regeneration and repair – helping to tackle some sun damage.


Microdermabrasion involves no downtime and can tackle the most superficial signs of sun damage. It’s a deeper facial treatment. Crystals are fired out of the hand piece onto the top layer of skin to remove dead skin through abrasion. The dead skin cells and used crystals are then removed by the vacuum function of the hand piece, whilst continuing to fire out new crystals as the hand piece is drawn across the skin.

Stay Safe in the Sun

The UK is currently sweltering as temperatures seem to be making up for a bad winter and plenty of lost time but little do people know the damage the sun can potentially be doing to your skin. Try to remember your sun protection creams and sprays wherever you go, make sure your sunscreen is not out of date and apply it regularly.

The Private Clinic

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