Cosmetic Treatments Around the World & What Is Popular Where

Over the past week, the Guardian’s Tehran bureau has reported on the growing trend for nose reshaping surgery, more commonly referred to as ‘nose jobs’ or more clinically as rhinoplasty. As many as 200,000 Iranians a year are getting nose jobs, it is being reported, and at a rate 7 times that of the US. The reasons behind this trend are being discussed across newspapers, blogs and social media at the moment but here at The Private Clinic we thought we’d bring to light the most popular cosmetic procedures across the globe.

Cosmetic Procedures Around the World

South Korea & ‘Double Eyelid Surgery’

Never that far from a headline, Asian blepharoplasty or ‘double eyelid surgery’ has fast become a very popular cosmetic procedure in South Korea. The surgery involves taking away some excess skin and giving the eye, when open, a natural crease,. Part of its popularity in the region is no doubt down to a relatively quick and inexpensive treatment process.

With nearly 50% of Asians born with eyes that have ‘single eyelids’, the procedure is proving popular across East Asia, as people seek out a gold standard of beauty with the appearance of bigger eyes, often exemplified by their favourite celebrities. According to research published by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), about 20% of women, 19-49, have already undergone plastic surgery and 1 in every 77 South Koreans have had work done on some part of their body or face.

There are over 400 clinics in the neighbourhood of Apgujeong, in the heart of Gangnam – an affluent part of South Korea’s capital, Seoul. It has become a regional hub for the ‘double eyelid surgery’ as medical tourism booms in the country.

The US & Botox

ISAPS report that the most popular nonsurgical procedure (and procedure overall) in the US is Botox injections. US figures still dwarf every other country when it comes to Botox. Botox is remarkably easy to experience: there’s little or no downtime; minimal pain or discomfort and seen as a cost-effective solution to the hardest parts of ageing.

Its popularity looks set to continue as more and more research is published about the positive effects of Botox. Studies have shown that Botox can help negate negative emotions by paralysing frown muscles, helping to tackle depression. It is an effective treatment against excessive sweating and is currently being used to combat incontinence. Whatever you think of Botox, it is certainly helping the advance of medicine in some unexpected and wonderful ways.

Brazil & Breast Augmentation

The second most popular cosmetic surgical procedure in Brazil is breast augmentation, after lipoplasty (liposuction). With its agreeable climate, international models and beach culture, Brazil’s appetite for cosmetic procedures puts it close behind the US (the two nations are considerably ahead of third place – China).

Brazil’s wonderful mix of cultures and skin colours also make it home to a myriad of body shapes and sizes. As much as people seek a more petit frame, as many are seeking a lift and a boost to their figure with procedures like breast augmentation, more popularly known as ‘boob jobs’, and fat transfer to the buttocks.

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