A Winning Physique

Olympic fever has hit the nation, and with it comes the quest for tighter abs!

As we sit and wait with baited breath to see who will bag a medal, we are all secretly wondering; will I ever have abs like that?

 And, here’s the proof: An app that claims to help you attain abs like Adlington or a six pack like Louis Smith, has muscled in to first position at the top of the Apple iTunes chart, making it the most popular paid iPhone app downloaded this week.


While the promise of an Olympic physique sounds too good an opportunity to pass up, will the results that the app promises really be as successful as claimed? After all these Olympians spend countless hours in the gym every day practicing their sport and as a result have rippling torsos and bulging biceps to show for it. Unlike these athlets, does Joe Bloggs realistically have the time to workout to such extremes each day, let alone follow an app’s fitness plan?

If you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly but still can’t seem to shift the stubborn fat bulges, then our Vaser Hi Def liposuction treatment could be your answer to sculpted abs in quick time.

Launched in 2008, the Vaser Hi Def is the very latest in body sculpting technology, for results that fit your body type and your lifestyle.

Want to find out what the procedure entails, watch patient Jose Gomez undergo a Vaser Lipo procedure – some fantastic before and after footage: http://youtu.be/1jL3rBGhamc.

To read more about the Vaser Hi Def treatment that we offer, please visit our website here: http://bit.ly/OLBZHK.

And before we forget…. GO TEAM GB!

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