A ‘facial’ before an event is a woman’s best kept secret

It’ natural for a woman to schedule a beauty regime before any event to ensure she looks her best. Many celebrities spend days, even weeks on end getting ready for a red carpet event and it was Kim Kardashian who got spotted walking out of her LA salon to ensure her skin was red carpet ready for the Valentino party.

Sporting a number of light red dots on her forehead which may suggest a number of Botox injections (and the fact her salon specialise in these) Kim has never been shy about talking of her cosmetic  endeavours, to date which has only been Botox.

It’s no lie that Kim does always look flawless and I’m sure ahead of the Valentino party she will look  dazzling again amongst a number of celebrities that have sported the natural Botox look rather for a re-fresh, than the ‘freeze-frame’ look.

Botox nowadays is not about a frozen face, many would still like movement which makes the Botox injection come across very naturally. Celebrity fans apart from Kim Kardashian inlcude Dannii Minogue, Jennifer Aniston and Gwyneth Paltrow.


So if you wondered how celebs always look flawless after endless nights of partying, some of their secrets are out!

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