Only a mother would know about dark circles and grey dull skin – we know how to combat it!

Victoria Beckham amongst other celebrities have been snapped recently not looking like their glowing face. Victoria Beckham was snapped looking extremely tired with dark circles and a gaunt face. She admitted that Baby Harper wasn’t sleeping well and that she has spent endless night’s up with her whilst maintaining her work life too.

Looking and feeling exhausted after having a baby is to be expected to some degree, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. If you are extraordinarily tired your first step should be to go see your GP who should carry out some basic hormone tests, for example checking for any thyroid disorder. Your doctor should also look for any signs of post natal depression.

There are some rebound hormonal changes that can have an effect on how you feel and look after pregnancy, 90% of changes come down to tiredness and a massive change of lifestyle.

Your old lifestyle will have disappeared, going to the gym,  getting a good night sleep, even eating regularly, your priority becomes looking after your new born infant.

Typically post pregnancy skin can be very dry and look more aged with deeper lines starting to appear. Extreme tiredness will result in hollows under the eyes and dark circles. Tiny broken veins on the cheeks are also common as a result of increased blood levels in pregnancy and from pushing in labour.

Hyper pigmentation or melasma is very common during pregnancy due to hormone changes and this uneven pigmentation is ageing and can be very tricky to get rid of.

New mums are usually short of time and put themselves way down the list of priorities, forgetting to eat properly, especially when you are breast feeding will result in weight loss and this can make cheeks look hollow and poor nutrition will make skin dull and dry.

Find time to exercise, eat healthy and sleep as much as you can when you can. But for a quick fix there are several treatments mums can have that can give a much needed confidence boost.

Post partum cosmetics don’t need to take up much of a new mother’s time, but can make a big difference to how her appearance bounces back from pregnancy and birth.

Once you have stopped breast feeding, you could consider Botox which can help reverse the look of tiredness. A little around the forehead and eyes will take away some of the frown lines that tend to appear and gently lift the face.

Fillers around cheek and the eye area will take away the tired look and plump out skin, marry these with a good moisturiser and skin will soon glow again.

Thermage CPT is very good for a tired looking skin, it boosts the skin’s collagen levels, softens lines and tightens up the skin, helping it to look glowing and smooth. It’s a quick treatment that will improve skin over a long period of time – up to two years.

A course of IPL will quickly get rid of broken veins and will even out skin tone.

Melasma can be tricky to treat as it can be quite deep. This is definitely one for a cosmetic doctor to treat. A course of Obagi skincare and some Pixel laser sessions would be my treatment of choice for hyper pigmentation and for darkness under the eyes.

Of course your priority is your little one, but any woman deserves some TLC when they’re feeling a bit down.