Demi Moore a fan of Thermage Skin-Tightening

Demi Moore’s recent appearance is that of somebody frail for personal reasons however her young kept youth is down to many cosmetic procedures. In 2010 finally admitted to liposuction, breast augmentation and botox to name a few. Her maintenance regime is however down to Thermage skin-tightening treatments. The treatment involves using radio frequency technology that heats the deep collagen fibres that lay under the skin. Over time the re-growth of collagen fibres aids the skin’s elasticity and helps tighten and contour the skin.

The skin tightening treatment can be performed on the tummy area, arms, legs, buttocks and even the face. Unlike lasers, Thermage is an all year round treatment meaning you don’t have to avoid the sun. It also works on all skin types.

The treatment helps keep skin firm and young looking therefore dramatically turning back the ageing process. Let’s be honest, the years have been very ‘kind’ to Demi and she is a testament for good cosmetic procedures working effectively and how not to go overboard. Furthermore, we admire Demi’s honesty of the treatments she has had.