Does smoking effect snoring?

Q: Does smoking effect snoring?

Dear Sir, smoke can cause your airways to become inflamed, which increases the narrowing of the airways when you smoke. An important factor for improving or curing snoring is a person’s willingness to make important lifestyle changes, such as losing weight (if they are overweight) or quitting smoking (if they smoke). If the self-help measures above don’t seem to work, it’s worth talking to your GP. He or she will check for any underlying health problem and they may refer you to an ENT specialist.

We would also add that snoring is different from person to person. If smoking is the cause of your snoring then it may not be the case for someone else. Getting to the route of why you snore maybe a bit of a trial and error process before you seek help. Smoking, alcohol and spicy food can contribute to snoring and are easy lifestyle changes to make to see if any of these affect you.