Hair Loss

There are often times men and women feel self conscious about the way they look and often voice these concerns over a few drinks. When men start talking about receding hair lines, instantly there are common jibes by other men. It’s as if it is an acceptable behaviour, but for some, those words hit them hard. Ultimately hair loss is much more than a retreating hair line, your identity and self-esteem are affected. For many the ribbing they get from friends is the worst part of going bald.

Men who start going bald, put fronts on, they may point fun at themselves or even state they love being bald – it’s an extra few minutes kip in the morning after all. Truth is though, some maybe feeling just that little bit ugly and resentful of their hair. I think there is a point when people start commenting on the shape of your head, is when you start feeling self concious – stripped of the appeal your hair once had and the definition that it gave to your identity.

Balding can occur in early twenties and this can create quite a shock. Dr Raghu Reddy, our Hair Transplant Doctor, who performs the Third Generation Follicular Unit Extraction has said that in the past two years there has been an increase in demand for hair transplant, partly due to the enhanced technology, but also due to the credit cruch. When bankers were being laid off, many went straight to Dr Reddy for the need to look younger for their next round of hiring’s. Many told Dr Reddy that baldness has deeply affected their quality of life – their self esteem, self image and even relationships – but after procedure, they are transformed both in dating and work life.I think it’s safe to say that men do worry about going bald, watching a hair line slowly creep back can be daunting, but the feeling is mutual.

I love it when I hear the feedback from patients who have gone ahead with treatment, it’s evident that their confidence is sky high, and so it should be.